Digital Signage Stories – Interacting with Masterpieces at Cleveland Museum of Art’s ArtLens Exhibition


Digital Signage Stories, the official podcast of Digital Signage Expo and its editorial partner site, highlights successful digital signage projects and installations deployed around the world in a variety of different vertical markets. With this podcast, you will gain insight from industry experts to help make your own digital signage deployments successful as the industry continues to grow.

Episode 11:  Interacting with Masterpieces at Cleveland Museum of Art’s ArtLens Exhibition


Show Notes: ArtLens Exhibition is an experiential gallery at the Cleveland Museum of Art that incorporates 16 games, more than 70 feet of projection, three touchscreens and bleeding-edge software that tracks visitors’ bodies, gaze, and emotions. The result is an immersive mixed reality experience that allows each guest to get interactive with masterpieces of art.

Cleveland Museum of Art ArtLens Exhibition

Principal and founder of Potion, Phillip Tiongson, joins us to reveal the digital signage story and approach behind this project deployment that won a Silver APEX Award at Digital Signage Expo 2018. For more information about this case study, click here

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