Interactive Apartment Selector Kiosk Steamlines Property Browsing


Almo Professional A/V created an interactive Apartment Selector for a very large condo apartment leasing office for Housing Trust Group. Located on the Eastern Coast of Florida, the custom interactive kiosk is designed for prospective tenants to browse the property, common areas and amenities, view apartment floor plans and available units and also see photos of available living spaces. Essentially, visitors can get a complete virtual tour of the property without leaving the sales office.

Nominating Company: Almo Professional AV, Lutherville, Maryland
Venue: Housing Trust Group, Coconut Grove, Florida
Project: Housing Trust Group
Category: Hospitality

The objective of the kiosk is to give prospective tenants immediate access to updated information about the property and vacant apartments. Oftentimes, the leasing office is busy and visitors need to wait to speak with representatives. The leasing reps needed a way to keep the prospective tenants occupied until they were able to talk with them. The kiosk needed to keep the visitors in the office while learning about the properties. The sales reps can also use the kiosk as a sales tool to provide a tour or to check on the availability of a specific apartment. This digital signage application is also available on the property website so those not there physically can also access the same information.

The biggest challenge that sales reps face is keeping the apartment information current. It must be updated on a daily basis to accurately reflect availability, which can make or break a sale. The leasing reps needed a way to keep the prospective tenants occupied until they were able to talk with them. It also keeps the visitors from wandering the property without someone guiding them to what they need to see.

Almo designed and built a custom wayfinder for the leasing office that allows prospective tenants to browse and load. The custom wayfinder is also available on the company website so details can be viewed before even visiting the property. On a daily basis, leasing reps are able to make changes reflecting the status of each living space. They simply update an Excel file and load it into the kiosk. The beauty of this design is that they can make these changes without the need for a programmer.

Since implementing the custom wayfinder, leasing reps are finding they are able to hold the attention of visitors when they have to wait. They also have a great sales tool to use when describing the property and all it offers tenants. Last, they are able to make changes to the living space areas on the fly without hiring a programmer. Almo is already in discussion with Housing Trust Company about creating custom wayfinders for other properties. Almo is also working with Housing Trust Company on additional content for the wayfinders, such as drone videos.

Nicole Heckel
Sales Administrator
FASTSIGNS Coral Gables, FL
146 Madeira Ave. FL 33134

Housing Trust Group won a DSE 2019 APEX Award in the Hospitality category.

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