Interactive Digital Experience Tells Story Behind North Carolina Heart & Vascular Hospital


UNC REX Healthcare’s new North Carolina Heart & Vascular Hospital is a specialized, technology-focused facility that provides world-class care to the Raleigh community and beyond. UNC REX Healthcare engaged Sensory Interactive to develop an interactive digital experience that tells the story of REX Hospital and pays tribute to the people who made this new leading-edge facility a reality.

Nominating Company: Sensory Interactive, Baltimore, Maryland
Venue: North Carolina Heart & Vascular Hospital, Raleigh, North Carolina
Project: North Carolina Heart & Vascular Hospital
Category: Educational Environments

The North Carolina Heart & Vascular Hospital is an eight-story, 306,000-square-foot building on the main Raleigh campus of UNC REX Healthcare. It brings all of UNC REX’s heart and vascular care together in one location, with an emphasis on the care and comfort of patients and their visitors. UNC REX engaged Sensory Interactive to create an interactive installation that would help them recognize donors and support the institution’s mission, which includes delivering the latest technology for patient care and procedures and offering physician and community education through a state-of-the-art learning institute and demonstration kitchen.


Because the available content for the display is expected to expand and change over time, the installation needed a flexible content management system that allows for a broad range of interaction and content types. The system also needed to attract the attention of visitors in the busy lobby and offer a reason to engage with the display. In addition, the client asked that a secondary display be developed to share information about the hospital’s leadership team. While this display needs to work as part of the overall installation, the institution also wanted the option to deploy it as a standalone element at other hospitals in the network.

Sensory Interactive evaluated several technology options for the project – focusing on each technology’s ability to make a dynamic impression within the available budget – before selecting touch-integrated LCD displays. Sensory Interactive designers then coordinated with the building’s architects to integrate the digital displays and touch hardware into the interior architecture and ensure that the surrounding structure met requirements for ventilation and access. For the user interface, Sensory Interactive’s content creation team developed a flexible, scalable design that allows UNC REX staff to quickly and easily update content on their own. This allows for varied and timely storytelling, without costly redesigns. The centerpiece of the interactive experience is a custom content management system that engages visitors using touch input and motion tracking. By overseeing the development of this software, the Sensory Interactive team was able to orchestrate a close relationship between content, display technology and on-screen interface behavior.


Sensory Interactive’s integrated approach to hardware and software planning and development yielded a digital platform that – like the new hospital itself – blends technology with a human touch to create the best possible experience for patients, families and staff. The secondary display presenting the leadership team is far more robust and engaging than the traditional approach of framed photographs. It also extends the reach of the history and donor wall content and is poised for deployment at multiple UNC REX Healthcare locations.

AVI Systems (AV Integrator)

TouchTo (Custom interactive software development)

Contrast Creative (Digital content production)

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