Interactive Digital Signage Brings Clean Water to Communities in Need


The Water Effect is a multi-use interactive digital signage application designed to help engage supporters and raise awareness and funds to support the cause. It was developed and designed as a text-to-donate system that interacted with digital signage and with multiple platforms and situations in mind.

Nominating Company: TechTAP, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Venue: World Vision, Mississauga, Ontario, Canada
Project: The Water Effect at Toronto Pearson Airport
Category: Public Spaces

The idea was born as a new and innovative way to reach the World Vision demographic and allow them to make small and easy monetary donations to the Water Effect cause.

This application was first launched in July 2015 at the Toronto Person Airport in the departures area of Terminal 3.

The application shows the impact of dehydration and drought on certain communities. Supporters can easily make donations from their mobile phone simply by sending a text message with their name and the word WATER. Every donation triggers a real-time personalized thank you message and an animated water droplet that hits the image and begins to hydrate the child. This demonstrates how clean water access impacts and helps to create healthy and happy communities.

Audiences at home also have the opportunity to view a promotional micro site that gives recognition to all supporters and more detailed information about the cause (

Our challenge with this project was how to ensure each and every donator received instant gratification while ensuring we keep the audience’s attention long enough to receive multiple donations.

We overcame our challenge by providing instant gratification by triggering the donators name to say thank you upon receipt of their payment and text.

After three (3) drops or donations, the application triggers the full image to come to life. The animation shows that it doesn’t just take one person’s donation. It takes multiple to bring a community clean water.

The results from the Toronto Airport deployment was an increase in donations by spreading the word about communities that need clean water.

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