Interactive Directories Powered by Mvix Receive a Facelift


STERLING, Va., Dec. 14, 2017 /PRNewswire/ — Mvix, a leading provider of content-rich digital signage software, announced the launch of a new Interactive Directory, the first in a series of new content apps planned for 2018.

The redesigned Interactive Directory provides tenants and guests with convenient access to what’s going on at their location through an engaging new user interface.

“Directories are important amenities that people – shoppers, employees, guests, students – interact with quite regularly,” said A. Jay, senior director of Business Relations at Mvix. “We felt it was time to develop the next generation of this technology and elevate the experience even further.”

In the facelift, only necessary elements for functionality are included in the design. The user interface is clean and smooth with an emphasis on simplicity. This simple, decluttered design helps the directory “breathe.”

Smooth animations were also incorporated into the new design to bring about motion and make the directory feel alive.

The Interactive Directory was also upgraded to list tenants by logos instead of names so that there’s a distinct focus on one bit of content. This reinforces brand awareness and enables guests to find companies easily which improves their experience.

The animated logos respond to touch and display information about the business – office number, a brief description of the company, phone number and email. This information is displayed only when the guest interacts with the screens in order to avoid clutter.   

The redesigned Interactive Directory is the first release of the company’s next-generation content apps. Mvix engineers are developing a new wave of digital signage content apps, with a broader rollout planned for next year.

“We recognize the importance of engagement and being able to connect with guests and tenants to make a winning first impression,” added A. Jay. “Judging from the strong positive feedback received from our beta test, I think the redesigned Interactive Directory achieved our goal.”

To date, the Mvix platform powers over 50,000 active screens for clients including Virginia Tech, NASA, Sodexo, Discovery Channel and the University of Washington. The content-rich software is being leveraged in a variety of applications that include employee communication, wayfinding, emergency messaging and customer communications.

To demo the new Interactive Directory, contact Mvix at 703.382.1739 or

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Based in Virginia, Mvix serves over 29 countries, with our software powering over 50,000 active screens. Learn more about Mvix at, or give us a call at 703.382.1739.


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