Interactive Sound Tables at Telus Toronto Eaton Center


Telus Toronto Eaton Center wanted to create a third-generation flagship store concept that would bring its “play” approach to life.

Nominating Company: Stingray Business, Boisbriand, QC, Canada
Venue: Telus Toronto Eaton Center, Toronto, ON, Canada
Project: Telus Toronto Eaton Center
Category: Retail

Central to its “play” approach was two digital in-store experiences. One was an interactive sound table whereby the consumer could select one of six Bluetooth speakers and one of six genres of music to help them select the right Bluetooth speakers for their needs. The second was a drone display table with small interactive screens so that the consumer could view the different drones and their specifications in action. To complement these two central concepts, the store also features several small format interactive screens for product information and large screens for ambience and branding.

The biggest challenge was to synchronize six different Bluetooth speakers with one tablet, being able to switch from one to another within a second and being able to change the music genre instantly. One of the challenges was to secure the use of top hits from each genre without having to pay recurring copyright fees. The other challenge was to optimize the design and the positioning of the speakers to ensure an optimal listening experience around the table and within the already ambient music.

To address the speaker switching issue, we combined industrial automation hardware and programming with an audio switch interface to a custom tablet app branded for Telus. We identified and negotiated with several publishing houses to secure the rights and use of the music within the app as a one-time fee. We worked to address the sound management, and we worked with the store designer to integrate buffers in the ceiling to keep store ambient sounds and the sound-table from mixing.

Clients are now able to test all speakers available in store by sampling songs from every genre at the TELUS Sound Table using a custom app created by us. Users can compare sound quality between different models and choose the speaker that fits their needs while enjoying a fun in-store music experience! On a smaller scale, the same above “play” concept is available at each product display table via self-serve interactive screens and traditional digital signage.

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