Interactive Wall at LEGOLAND’s KidsFest Combines Technologies


This magic interactive wall combines projection mapping, conductive paint and motion graphics to create a unique experience that immerses kids in the upside down world of LEGO Dimensions.

A seamlessly integrated experience with hidden depths revealed with each touch, four interactive panels bring product to life in a playful interaction.

Nominating Company: The Industrious, Beverly Hills, California
Venue: LEGO KidsFest and LEGOLAND, West Hartfrod, Connecticut
Project: LEGO KidsFest Magic Interactive Wall
Category: Immersive Environments

When Warner Brothers Interactive Entertainment needed to educate during launch of their game-changing LEGO Dimensions physical/digital game, the answer was to help children tell the story to purchasers.

Concepted and created in the span of four weeks, this installation utilized our full allotment of designers, developers, engineers, and sound designers to leverage a variety of emerging technologies and create the fully custom graphics, interactive touch points, sensors and unique brand story. Inspired by the LEGO Dimensions story, the resulting experience opened a new dimension of experience for the Lego brand, delivering more than 2,300 smiles and touching over 4,500 hands.

At LEGO Kidsfest and LEGOLAND, it’s all about attraction. When a seven-year-old is passing by and sees another seven-year-old having a great time from the corner of her eye, she needs to run over and play too! But, you certainly don’t want a parent telling a kid, “Don’t touch that glass touch screen!” when it’s time to interact.

You also can’t have kids learning about LEGO values – creativity and lack of boundaries – on a screen that has four corners.

The answer is a wall. A wall is large, immersive, easy to transport, unbreakable, safe to touch (aren’t kid always touching walls?) and inviting.

To bring the engagement to life, a combination of conductive paint and Audrino-driven touch transmission activated beautiful motion graphics and playful sounds to keep kids enthralled while the adults took lnstagrammable photos to make sure everyone in their network knew exactly what the solution to the next gift-giving opportunity should be.

The client was so pleased with the initial launch of the wall that it is now on a multi-city tour throughout the United States and being evaluated for implementation in Europe.

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