Interactive Wayfinding at Emerge Americas Conference


Intermedia Touch custom-designed and deployed a wayfinding and general information app for the Emerge Americas Conference in Miami Beach, FL. The application provided interactive wayfinding, speaker biographical information, panel discussion times and locations and displayed live video streams of events taking place during the conference.

Nominating Company: Intermedia Touch, Miami, Florida
Venue: Emerge Americas, Miami, Florida
Project: Emerge Americas wayfinding solution
Category: Event Venues & Hospitality

Accessible across the convention center in several different locations, the Emerge application was designed by Intermedia Touch to connect attendees with the many different companies and content on display during the Miami-based technology conference. The goal for the project was to enable guests to easily locate any event or booth during the conference without the need for staff assistance and to provide guests with background information on the many keynote speakers attending the conference. The app was also designed to allow the Emerge team to stream live events occurring during the conference throughout the convention center. All of the Emerge application’s functionality was designed with ease of access in mind for both the guests and the Emerge team running the streaming content.

The only issue that arose happened during the conference. The local network used at the convention center was not performing well with the load put on it from the hundreds of simultaneous users. The bottleneck that occurred caused the streaming video embedded in the application to have trouble playing through without freezing or restarting.

The problem involving the network traffic was resolved by working closely with the Emerge team. The issue was circumvented by utilizing different video formats and manipulating bitrates to compensate for network bandwidth. As a result, the video streaming continued uninterrupted for the remainder of the conference.

Placed in high-traffic areas, the application helped to create event awareness and facilitate smooth transitions between the different halls at the convention center. The custom-made app contributed to the impressive atmosphere at the conference and helped to push the tech community’s image forward for South Florida. With several hundred companies attending the conference, the wayfinding function guaranteed equal corporate exposure to all those who attended.

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