Interactive Wayfinding Kiosks Improve Navigation of LSU Student Union


This interactive kiosk for the LSU Student Union is featured on touchscreens placed throughout this highly trafficked building. It includes detailed interactive wayfinding, directories, a campus map and QR codes for quick map downloads. The kiosk also offers TransLoc shuttle bus tracking so riders can plan their route without waiting outside.

Nominating Company: Visix, Inc.; Norcross, Georgia
Venue: Lousiana State University; Baton Rouge, Louisiana
Project: Interactive kiosks for the LSU Student Union
Category: Education & Healthcare

Interactive kiosks for the LSU Student Union needed to engage and inform users so they could better navigate the building, which is a high-traffic location on campus. They wanted to combine four different elements (interactive directories, interactive wayfinding, a campus map and real-time shuttle bus tracking) into a single design. The school wanted to provide a single source for students and visitors who need to find rooms and locations within the student center to find their destinations quickly without wandering the halls or having to seek assistance. They also wanted a way to deliver maps to users’ mobile devices for continued assistance once they’d left the screens. The TransLoc shuttle tracker allows riders to wait indoors for transportation in the name of both comfort and safety. Three 55-inch touchscreens offer the design at the main entrance, on the second floor and in a highly trafficked area on the third floor.

There weren’t many difficulties during this project because it was well-planned and detailed before design started. For the campus map, the client (LSU) had originally intended to use one that was on their website. However, that map’s load time within the project was not conducive to quick viewing at a kiosk.  A new alternative had to be found that would work within their budget. Therefore, they opted for interactive maps for the building, but a static map for the campus. We selected the map featured on their transportation webpage, so that it provided continuity for anyone who’s looked at the campus map online before interacting with the kiosks.

Visix designed the kiosk in HTML5 with the following features:
• The interactive legend, floors and directory information can be used via the up/down arrows and “Map It” buttons, or by touching the footprint of the floor map or the directory entry.
• The directory can sort by room name, room number or floor number by using the interactive buttons near the bottom of the screen.
• QR codes are present on all map pages. Once scanned with a QR reader, users can view the floor maps on their mobile devices.  
• The full-screen campus map offers a slider at the bottom left of the map to zoom in and out.
• Integration with the external TransLoc Shuttle Tracker website.  
• A help button is present on each page that provides directions on how to use the page.
• Directory data can be updated by the client via a Visix-created database with a web front end.

The results of employing the three interactive kiosks immediately provided better building navigation for students and visitors. The screens are getting a lot of traffic, and the burden on building staff has been lessened since they don’t have to provide directions as often as in the past. Having the wayfinding in three locations is helpful to visitors who enter from doors other than the main door, and it can assist people who’ve used the main entrance kiosk in providing wayfinding reference along their route.

The TransLoc shuttle tracker shows real-time information for eight bus routes. This allows riders to plan which bus and route to take, and wait indoors for both comfort and safety.

Play with the design online. For best results, view the project in 1920×1080 format and select F11 for full screen:

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