Interactive Wayfinding Makes Nosso Shopping a Digital Reference Point


The objective was to offer a full set of digital services that will enrich a visitor’s shopping experience as well as contribute to positioning Nosso Shopping mall as the best meeting and marketplace of the region.

Nominating Company: PARTTEAM & OEMKIOSKS, Lagoa, Portugal
Venue: Nosso Shopping/Digital Signage + Wayfinding Interactive Kiosks, Vila Real, Portugal
Project: Nosso Shopping/Digital Signage + Wayfinding Interactive Kiosks
Category: Public Spaces

More specifically, the goal was to implement a creative digital signage aspect seamlessly into the shopping environment at Nosso Shopping thereby enriching the customer’s physical experience and helping to position Nosso Shopping as a digital reference point in the retail and public space verticals.

Challenges included:
-Providing new and better experiences to shopping mall customers;
-Meeting the Nosso Shopping brand values and attributes;
-Making the digital signage solution creative and innovative;
-Maintaining respect for the local traditions but joining modernity and adding movement and inspiration to the region;
-Aligning and combining digital signage with an interactive wayfinding solution
-Becoming the digital reference point for the market with relevance for the region

Currently, consumers are preoccupied with “digital.” They prioritize experiences and want to get information quickly, simply and dynamically. Faced with these “problems,” PARTTEAM & OEMKIOSKS developed the CRISALYS ™ digital billboard with the aim of providing dynamic content in an attractive way for the Nosso Shopping mall.

In addition to providing different information, CRISALYS allows for the integration of different software, making it possible through this digital billboard to locate stores on the interactive map, measure advertising results, etc. The digital signage software that integrates into the PARTTEAM & OEMKIOSKS digital billboard is flexible and allows the administrators to create and modify configurations such as layouts, contents, etc.

The results have included:
-An increase in sales of product in exhibition at the digital billboard
-An increase in average sales in the stores.
-Increased circulation of people.
-More than 10,000 interactions with kiosks.
-More informed customers about the products and stores in the mall
-An improved overall image for the mall

Nosso shopping kiosk pic2

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