Interactivity at Ride Along 2 Premiere


Melbourne Central, the gigantic shopping plaza, office park and public transportation hub in the coastal capital of Victoria, Australia recently played host to a cinematic event – the premiere of the Ice Cube and Kevin Hart buddy-cop action comedy Ride Along 2.

To help promote this special occasion as well as increase engagement with movie goers, Melbourne Central turned to oOh! to provide a digital display with integrated Instagram Social Feed.

When tagged correctly, the audience was able to see their name in lights. Box office numbers may be generally down all over the globe due to competition from VOD, video games and other media sources, but this campaign smartly plays into the unalienable and universal attraction that most people still have to the majestic silver screen … regardless of what’s playing on that screen.

As the original article on oOh! stated, “This created a new level of talk-ability and a lasting memory for patrons, as well as a social media presence beyond the premiere itself as users continue to share the images.”

Production lead time was three weeks. The campaign lasted for one day, ending at 5 p.m. and generating upwards  of 1,000 social media posts.

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