Introducing Event Boosterapp, an App for the Pro AV Rental Channel to Boost Networking at Events


California, USA, 15 April 2019.- Booster Technology Solutions, the tech company based in California, announces the launch of Event Boosterapp, an innovative SaaS event organization platform for the Pro AV Rental industry that facilitates entertaining and profitable networking for participants. With Event Boosterapp, visitors to fairs and congresses can contact each other and exhibitors, save products and expand information on speakers and experts, while at the same time providing organizers with new advertising and promotional spaces to generate income and opportunities to boost loyalty.

Event Boosterapp is designed to fulfil two goals: firstly, to provide exhibitors and event organizers with valuable data and, secondly, to improve the visitor’s experience. The app for smartphones and other mobile devices provides useful info before during and after the event and fills an existing gap in the sector with an easy-to-use tool”, explained Gonzalo Deustua, CEO of PMiT Holdings Inc. and creator of the app in partnership with Juan Carlos Chávez and Dresden Partners, Inc.

Event Boosterapp is particularly recommended for the Pro AV Rental industry. As Juan Carlos Chávez explained: “The Pro AV Rental industry is in permanent contact with event planners, organizers and executors. It rents AV equipment for events every day. Our solution is designed to fit in to perfection in this environment, because Event Boosterapp adds value to each one of these events through a supplier that is already known and trusted. In addition, our commercial model and Help Desk are really attractive for Pro AV Rentals.”

The app can be used to register and manage attendants, speakers and exhibitors. In addition, multiple users can be stratified into various access levels to information, from the highest level with notifications and access to sensitive data, to a number of lower and intermediary levels, including printing ID cards with their associated QR codes. The registering process is safe and reliable, guaranteeing compliance with data protection laws in force.

Push notifications and emailings can be customized and segmented by interest groups. On the other hand, it gives exhibitors a specific register system to view and manage their data, QR codes and contacts for potential clients. Thanks to the data provided by the app, the exhibitor can get reliable feedback on the results of its booth and its sales reps at an event.

Unlike a simple informative app, Event Boosterapp allows you to “apptualize” an event in minutes. As well as including detailed information on the agenda, speakers, sponsors, exhibitors, advertising/banners and networking opportunities, it can also capture leads or register voluntary data from attendants in real time and with the possibility of exporting them to an external database.

Exhibitors can thus obtain a clear return on investment thanks to capturing leads and sales contacts through the QR codes and the user-friendly networking system that encourages attendants to add and share contacts, with the possibility of creating private chats. The app also allows visitors to an event to save “My favorites”, with speakers, themes on the agenda and products of interest. Other added advantages of the app are the gamification options to stimulate involvement in events and anonymous live voting systems.

Event Boosterapp is also customizable, with the possibility of using a generic screen for all events or configuring it especially for multiple or single events. Companies and large organizations can also contract an Enterprise license for exclusive use on their own servers.

All-in-one cloud platform

Based on the SaaS model, Event Boosterapp offers great economic flexibility, as clients only pay for the days they use it. Exhibitors and attendants can also cloud synch all the contacts and information captured on their mobiles during the event.

For event planners, this all-in-one platform, with a cloud-based CMS, is a huge help that discharges them from many tasks and responsibilities. It automatically uploads all the information on the event to the system, in real time, creating a link for registering at the event via web or smartphone and facilitates the management of attendants and the printing of ID cards.

The app is currently available in three languages: English, Spanish and Portuguese. To date, Booster Technology Solutions has signed commercial agreements with RLA SAV, a leader in the Pro AV Rental sector with offices in Chile, Peru, Colombia and Panama; and also with Comunicaciones Globales, a Honduras-based company with AV Rental operations in Central America and Panama. Immediate expansion plans include North America (Mexico, USA and Canada). In conjunction with RLA SAV, it will provide the register desk and app at the Provenco congress to be held on 1, 2 and 3 April in Cartagena (Colombia).

At RLA SAV, we have detected a strong market trend towards the use of smartphone apps for events. We want our clients to be able to make the most of all the benefits of these new technologies, like the possibilities for networking, notifications, internal chat and scanning ID codes,” said Juan Carlos Vergara, director-general of RLA SAV. “Event Boosterapp is a tech ally that gives us a very user-friendly and easy to implement system, from the creation of online registering to printing ID cards and the use of the app“.

As a business group supplying services to events on the coast, Provenco’s mission is to bring the latest in technologies and human talent to the events markets. Event Boosterapp, together with RLA SAV, is supplying us with a simple and effective system, with all the advantages a smartphone app can offer our exhibitors and visitors“, concluded Elkin Quintero, Provenco’s manager for Logistic Operations.

On Booster Technology Solutions

Booster Technology Solutions Inc is a tech company with headquarters in Carlsbad, California, and offices in Mexico City and Guadalajara. Its robust SaaS (software as a service) events platform attracts visitors and improves their experience, gives exhibitors a ROI and creates multiple advertising and promotional spaces that generate income for fair and event organizers. More information on


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