Intuiface Introduces Click Grafix as New Value Added Reseller


Click Grafix is the first Singapore-based partner, furthering Intuiface’s ongoing initiative to grow an Asia Pacific presence.

Toulouse, France and Chicago and Taipei, Taiwn, September 27, 2019 – Intuiface – the company behind the market-leading tool of choice for creating, deploying, measuring and managing interactive, place-based digital content without writing code – is pleased to introduce Click Grafix, an award-winning systems integrator, as the first Singapore-based member of Intuiface’s Value Added Reseller program. This relationship will enable Click Grafix to target clients requiring custom-built interactive signage for large distributed environments. Clients will benefit by having access to a wide range of interactivity options coupled with Click Grafix’s expertise in all aspects of the project delivery lifecycle.

Click Grafix wanted to find a more effective means for tackling interactivity-centric projects. Custom coding was an option, but it reduced the volume of projects they could adopt in parallel and increased delivery cost for their clients. It also complicated pre-sales engagements, limiting discussions to whiteboarding and the use of generic digital content.

Intuiface, by reducing the time and effort for delivering complex, data-driven, interactive experiences, will enable Click Grafix to pursue opportunities across markets with a compellingly competitive price and timeline. The end product will incorporate the latest in interactive technology, integrations with third-party cloud services, and deployments across widely dispersed environments, all in a time and at a cost that bespoke development cannot match. And for pre-sales engagements, Intuiface will be used to create custom demos and wireframes that could be edited with the prospect in real-time, accelerating time to consensus and a commitment to work together.

“We thought we had used every tool to develop interactive applications, from PowerPoint-like tools to hard coding using tools such as Unity, HTML, and JavaScript. That is until we tried Intuiface,” says Ahmed Balfaqih, Founder and Managing Director of Click Grafix. “What Excel does to numbers, and Photoshop does to images, Intuiface does for interactive content development. From the simplest content to the most complex data-driven signage, Intuiface does it all.”

The Intuiface Value Added Reseller Program supports system integrators by providing personalized 1:1 assistance, accelerated discounts, and a direct line to consulting expertize. Open communication and rapid response for everything from consultation assistance to issue resolution assure partners they can depend upon Intuiface to help them close deals and exceed expectations.

“Intuiface has invested in building a presence in Asia Pacific, and Singapore was among our top targets,” says Jacques Sommeillan, Intuiface’s Executive President. “We couldn’t have asked for a better, more qualified partner than Click Grafix, with their 20+ years of experience, to be our first in-country representative. We’re very excited to see the fruits of our joint efforts.”

For more information and to contact Click Grafix, visit their company page on the Intuiface website. If you’re interested in becoming an Intuiface partner, start here.

About Intuiface
Intuiface is the world’s premier platform for creating, deploying, measuring, and managing deeply interactive digital experiences without writing code. Over 1500 companies across 70+ countries are connecting people to place using interactive options such as touch, RFID/NFC, beacons, Web APIs, Internet of Things, and much more. For any industry – including retail, hospitality, real estate, tourism, education – and for any intent – from digital signs to self-service kiosks and assisted selling.

About Click Grafix
Click Grafix is an award-winning company with over 25 years of experience providing total digital signage solutions, system integration, services, development of creative digital content and custom applications for varied industries. Click Grafix is based in Malaysia and Singapore, with partners in Thailand, the Philippines and the Middle East.



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