IST Installs Panasonic’s Solution at Ford


Kansas City, MO, August 18, 2017– Panasonic employed Installation & Service Technologies (IST), of Kansas City MO to install their display solution at the LaFontaine Ford showroom in Birch Run, MI.  The project included assembly, testing, and installation of an LED Digital Brand Halo weighing over half a ton. The showroom received a complimentary array of digital technologies in a design custom-tailored by Panasonic for the space.

The Halo served as a dramatic branding anchor for Ford. Harrison Stone, IST’s Project Manager for the install, said, “The building is impressive, and it’s in the perfect location to be seen day or night from major roadways. The Panasonic LED halo displaying Ford content looks great, and it can be clearly seen for some distance through the large windows of the dealership.”

Assembling and installing the massive Halo took three days. Stone coordinated the job onsite in concert with the Panasonic team who advised IST on engineering challenges and best practices. The Halo’s size, shape, and weight created significant challenges which Stone and IST team successfully overcame while meticulously documenting the process for future installations. 

Adding impact and utility to the showroom, IST installed 15 Panasonic 55-inch landscape monitors driven by HDMI inputs from the sales team to enhance their pitches and presentations. Additional displays, including one 98” large-format screen, were arranged in the sales and service areas for maximum impact. “The edge-to-edge arrangement of the panels aids service managers,” Stone said. “It allows customers to review service orders while seeing video presentations that can display the work to be done.”

IST pic 2Dagan Pratt, Project Manager of AV Solutions at Panasonic Enterprise Solutions Company, believes the pilot installation was a huge success. “Ford is extremely happy with the result,” he said, “and they’re especially pleased with the impressive halo that figures prominently in the company’s strategy to engage customers as they come through the door.”

For more technical detail, refer to this Sound and Communications feature spread.

From massive multi-site, multi-technology rollouts to elegant small business solutions, Installation & Service Technologies is the premier provider of technology services. Over the past twenty-five years, IST has developed a suite of service offerings backed by multiple layers of technical support and close attention to detail to ensure the highest level of quality and professionalism.

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