Jacksonville International Airport Boosts Signage Consistency


Art of Context (AOC) and Jacksonville International Airport (JAX) developed and deployed a digital signage solution replacing all screen-based content with a consistent approach in a rapidly-phased, single project that included flight, baggage and gate information screens among others. This solution resulted in happy and informed travelers, efficient and self-sustaining staff and uniformly branded, aesthetically pleasing signs.

Nominating Company: Art of Context, Boston, Massachusetts
Venue: Jacksonville International Airport, Jacksonville, Florida
Project: Jacksonville International Airport digital signage solution
Category: Transportation


In late 2015, JAX set out to improve passenger communication by developing a unified digital signage solution that could be easily deployed from one location. The goal was to improve communication of flight data (flight times, gate assignments and baggage information) and to improve outreach during emergency situations. Art of Context was thrilled to accept the challenge.

“It’s rare that you have the opportunity to work with an airport on all aspects of their digital signage at one time,” Colleen Hamilton, one of the principals of Art of Context, said.

According to Steven Schultz, JAX Director of Information Technology, there were two factors that aligned to make the project possible. Airport management had a goal to take over all of the screens in the event of an emergency, and IT had equipment that was nearing the end of its life cycle. Both goals were met by undertaking the projects together.

It was crucial that, going forward, JAX staff be able to maintain the system and implement new designs. JAX had already pre-selected Four Winds Interactive as their delivery platform for digital signage, but there were numerous other project requirements:
• Unified, easy-to-use solution.
• Screens can be controlled from one remote location.
• Content must be dynamically updated via existing operations databases.
• All screens must be able to display emergency messaging, and that messaging must be able to be triggered from one location.
• All screens must have an aesthetically pleasing user experience using relevant graphics.
• Baggage displays can be triggered to display relevant flight arrival information. When not in use, they can also display alternate content such as advertising, screen savers and relevant scrolling text.
• A well-constructed environment and training so JAX staff would be able to support future updates to the screens.

Art-of-Context_APEX-Award_Transportation_JAX- EMS-SignsSOLUTIONS
Our team gathered requirements from IT users as well as terminal management and the Advertising Manager. We used that information to simultaneously create designs for flight, baggage and gate information screens that were easy to read and supported JAX branding.

Art of Context built a custom, web-based solution that integrated emergency messaging into JAX’s existing Active Directory. The signs access EMS via a subscription, but that service is also available at JAX’s discretion to other systems.

Using Directory Management Studio, our purpose-built directory asset management system, we created easy-to maintain interactive directory screens that will assist travelers in locating concessions and amenities. Lastly, the team devised a roll-out schedule that relieved the biggest headaches while minimizing exposure, and we did all of this in just about one year’s time.

JAX Director of Information Technology Steven Schultz is thrilled with the results.

“AOC did a fantastic job really considering the business needs and wants rather than just pushing a solution.”

JAX IT has seen a tremendous increase in system stability at both the player level and with the underlying architecture. Now, when issues arise, JAX IT staff are able to resolve these themselves.

“AOC also set JAX up for success with their training,” said Schultz. “Our staff is able to update baggage claim background images to welcome attendees to specific events.”

That type of personalization is important to Jacksonville’s customer-focused mentality.

JAX met a longtime goal of conveying EMS info from Airport Operations to all screens easily and efficiently. This allows for quick and easy communication as well as clarity of information. It also improves ADA compliance by providing visual information for the deaf and hard of hearing.

Art of Context
Jacksonville Aviation Authority/Jacksonville International Airport
Four Winds Interactive

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