JetBlue Storefront Display Surprises and Delights Pedestrians


From 5/15 to 5/17, consumers interacted with a seemingly robotic JetBlue crew member for a Q&A about JetBlue service offerings at a digital storefront display on 555 6th Avenue in New York City. In surprising fashion, consumers were actually engaging with a live crew member resulting in hilarious interactions.

Nominating Company: Pearl Media, Fairfield, New Jersey
Venue: 555 6th Ave., New York, New York
Project: JetBlue Q & A
Category: Public Spaces

JetBlue set out to reinforce the superiority and humanity of their customer service in the NYC market. The campaign needed to be in real time, and most importantly, be personable. Our approach was
a surprise-and-delight digital storefront experience that captured genuine human reactions.

Creating a seamless interaction between consumers and a JetBlue crew member proved to be the largest hurdle. To ensure the surprise and-delight strategy, the execution required a cleaner execution than a simple two-way video communication. Without a higher scale production, the live crew member reveal could easily be blown prior to the dialogue climax, resulting in poor consumer engagements. Capturing dozens of quality consumer engagements was crucial to the campaign end-game, a branded JetBlue video promotion.

To ensure quality engagements with consumers, we fabricated a live digital studio inside the storefront as a control hub. Each element of the studio played a unique role in the process.

Main Stage:
Primary studio camera, lighting and talent backdrop, providing live HD video feed.

Control Room:
Audio mixer and engineer providing two-way communication between users and talent and submix for director, crew and talent earwig. Video switcher and operator providing real-time switching, button animation and compositing into interactive display

Hidden Camera Crew:
Three fixed hidden cameras (wired and wireless)
Three handheld cameras
Digital imaging technician
Director, producers, camera department, casting & release and production support

The technology resulted in hilarious and heartwarming interactions that were filmed and edited into a promotional video. The video was distributed to key press outlets netting 2,227,304 earned media impressions.

Pearl Media won the DSE 2016 Silver Apex Award in the Public Spaces category.

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