Joseph Brant Hospital’s New Patient Tower Gets Digital Donor Wall Centerpiece


Envision was commissioned to create a signature digital donor wall to form the centerpiece in the new patient tower at Joseph Brant Hospital.

Nominating Company: Envision, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Venue: Joseph Brant Hospital Digital Donor Wall, Burlington, Ontario, Canada
Project: Joseph Brant Hospital Digital Donor Wall
Category: Healthcare Environments

The donor wall was part of a wider scope of work that included the entire wayfinding and signage system for the newly built tower. The Joseph Brant Hospital Foundation was looking for a signature digital installation that was able to recognize a large volume of donors in an elegant, timeless fixture.

Due to the restricted ceiling height in the area where the Donor Wall was to be installed, there were concerns about maximizing the video area and providing enough open space around the screens for proper cooling. Its location also required all CMS equipment to be located within the donor wall as well.

Envision Joseph Brant image

The design positioned the screens in a delta shape to allow for two rows of 12-inch by 49-inch screens to be stacked on top of each other, thereby maximizing the visual area and creating enough space to allow proper air circulation. This shape also created extra room at the top and bottom of the wall to allow for the CMS equipment to be installed behind the screens.

The donor wall design features a large-scale, 24-screen digital wall with a unique angled screen format that creates a sense of depth within a fixture located in an area with a relatively low ceiling height. The digital wall wraps a key corner in the lobby and feeds into a permanent, static wall commemorating the donors specific to the capital campaign that supported the tower. Together, with a wall recognizing Joseph Brant, the Hospital’s namesake, these three unique yet connected fixtures have created a functional, beautiful art piece within the heart of this incredible new hospital facility.

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