JPMorgan Chase’s Manhattan Headquarters Boasts City-Block-Sized LED Media Wall


Operating in more than 60 countries with more than 250,000 employees, JPMorgan Chase (JPMC) has an extensive, global deployment of digital signage that ranges from individual screens to giant media walls. The digital content and creative built by C&G Partners, in collaboration with the internal communications department of JPMC, enables communication, coordination and commitment among the worldwide employees of the firm.

Nominating Company: C&G Partners, New York, New York
Venue: JPMorgan Chase Manhattan Headquarters, New York, New York
Project: Hours, Days, Seasons: Real-time Dashboards for JPMorgan Chase
Category: Business & Government Services

C&G Partners conceived content and creative for more than 100 digital signage projects, the most recent of which was a series of dynamic, real-time dashboards to optimize employee engagement. Although versions of the dashboards are deployed throughout JPMC’s global network, they are most prominent on the city-block-sized LED media wall located in the main lobby of their global Manhattan headquarters.

Time and geography are the central themes of the dashboards, fostering employee communication, commitment, and coordination during the day. Among them are sleek motion maps that relay New York’s extensive rail and ferry commuter networks, paired with service change notifications and traffic updates; variations on everyday clocks; seasonal animations featuring quintessential NY scenes; and distinctive, customizable countdowns to sponsored events.

The main challenge was to create dynamic digital experiences that speak to visually sophisticated viewers, including executives, VIP visitors, shareholders, and the occasional sports hero.

Technically, the challenge is creating responsive layouts that are as compelling on a giant media wall as they are on a single elevator screen.

Finally, designs had to appeal to different attention spans. They had to be easily processed at a glance, but also compelling for more extensive viewing. As key elements of dashboards, alerts need to prominent but balanced, and the call to action needs to be simple yet effective.

The design strategy fused aesthetic content and technology to advance a high-performance global culture of innovation and inclusion. To address the various design challenges, C&G Partners used video backgrounds in constant motion, strong branded typography, and rich but quick animation. Because digital signage over time is seen frequently, a balance of evergreen content and ever-changing content is mandatory, so content is planned deliberately to change over different realms of time, from daily to annually.


The global digital signage program, run by a dedicated team of talented individuals inside JPMC’s corporate communications team, has grown to cover all major offices and facilities for the firm worldwide. It is one of the most visible ways that employees stay in touch with what their company and colleagues are doing and planning, and this set of digital communications pieces has refined and solidified that success.

The functionality and appeal of real-time dashboards on the media wall have reinforced the lobby as a central point in the Manhattan headquarters, taking advantage of the flow of the space to enable communications, coordination and commitment among employees.

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