Keeping Audiences Safe – Screenfeed Launches Automated, Localized Alerts for Digital Signage


Minneapolis, January 8, 2020 — Understanding digital signage networks can have thousands – even millions – of dollars invested in their network, Screenfeed has developed a content solution designed to protect a network’s most valuable investment – their audience. Although manually triggered alerts have been around since the beginning of Digital Signage, Screenfeed’s Alerts product automatically interrupts regularly-scheduled content to inform viewers of impending emergencies as they happen. Networks can also choose to display non-severe warnings such as ‘watches,’ or ‘advisories,’ to provide even more advanced notice of potential events or weather issues nearby. Each Screenfeed alert highlights the alert’s type, affected areas, timeframe, as well as weather maps when applicable.

“You could think of it as insurance for your content strategy and network success – knowing critical information will be instantly displayed for your audience when their safety is on the line offers peace of mind, while adding value in the eyes of your network stakeholders,” explains Screenfeed Business Development VP, Steve Glancey. “It’s the kind of feature we hope isn’t needed often, but we know customers will be glad it’s there.”

Screenfeed Alerts ensure that audiences in the care of a network are never out of the loop from critical, in-the-moment information. Of course, different alerts are more (or less) relevant depending on a venue’s location or type. That’s why Screenfeed built Alerts to allow customers to choose from a list of alert types to create a solution tailored to their audience and venue’s safety.

Customers can subscribe to Screenfeed Alerts the same as other Screenfeed content, and then add it to their playlist. Screenfeed Alerts allows customers to choose from three carefully-crafted themes, available as static graphics or fully-animated html. In addition to themes, alerts can be configured to show elements like radar, and full-length alert text—a small, but powerful feature that empowers customers to display the optimal amount of information based on audience dwell times and viewing distances.

Glancey says, “Networks have invested a great deal of resources into engaging and benefiting the customers, employees, patients and students who comprise their audience. They owe it to them, and we feel we owe it to the industry, to keep them safe.” Any network looking to keep their audience safe, increase the value of their screens to their audience or simply be part of an emergency response system should consider adding Screenfeed Alerts to their network immediately. Similarly, software providers looking to add emergency alerting system-wide as a default feature should also contact Screenfeed to partner.

This new offering is currently available for digital signage networks in Canada and the United States. To subscribe, visit or call 1-800-461-3002.


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