Kefi Launches First Family Hangout Designed for Both Parents and Kids


Kids and parents have a new way to explore the extraordinary and important role of play at KefiTM, a revolutionary PlaytainmentTM paradise opening in Atlanta on August 31.

The 25,000-square-foot space is designed for the whole family, combining technology, immersive storytelling and thoughtful design to offer weekly ‘we time’ and ‘me time’ under the same roof. For kids, Kefi is a wonderland where they can place themselves inside stories, create their own music and enjoy the latest toys. Parents can choose to join their kids on Kefi play adventures, spend time as a family in the high-end coffee bar and café, XanderTM, or take time for themselves in parent-only co-working and relaxation areas built just for them.

Once inside, kids are outfitted with Kefi Play Bracelets, technology to keep kids safe onsite and enable digital play experiences that families can access at home. ‘Magic’ handwashing stations scrub away germs before entry and Kefi PlaysmithsTM, full-time childhood learning experts, welcome and guide children through amazing experiences, like:

StorycaveTM – Storycave puts kids in the driver’s seat to design their own adventure and characters using computer vision and interactive projections. Whether it’s training a puppy in “PuppyTown” in the morning or accepting a dragon flight challenge in “The Quest for Kairos” in the afternoon, the possibilities for imagination are endless.

Beat BoxTM – Inside this high-touch recording and dance studio, kids can discover the magic of sound. They can also tap into their inner disc jockey and compose their own creations to share with their biggest fans — family and friends.

ToyTropolisTM and Toy Testing LabTM – The latest toys are unboxed and tested here through the imaginations of the industry’s toughest critics – the kids.

Kefi StudiosTM – Here, content and commerce merge to create an experiential toy store featuring interactive display tables that show off the latest unboxed toys to young shoppers, then convert to theater seating for families to watch or record their own live unboxing videos.

Family brands looking to provide an immersive experience around their properties can integrate content and toys directly into Kefi play environments, bringing the toy testing and buying experience full-circle for families and toy makers. For example, a new children’s movie might host its premier in Storycave and launch an interactive game featuring the movie’s characters. Toymakers might also demonstrate toys in Kefi Studios, allowing kids and parents to play with and test the toys in the Toy Testing Lab and offer them for purchase onsite or online at

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Kefi parents can unwind in one of two parent-only spaces. The Oasis offers a sound-conditioned environment with high-speed internet for remote work activities while the Listening Lounge is designed for relaxation. Kefi provides noise-cancelling headphones in this space allowing parents to connect to their device and kick their feet up. Both spaces include secure visibility into all play rooms giving mom and dad peace of mind while their child is learning and playing. In addition, Kefi memberships offer parents the freedom of stepping away, allowing them time to run a quick errand or enjoy dinner out with friends or their significant other.

Kefi Founder and CEO Drew Panayiotou was inspired to find a better way for families to have fun and connect after a disappointing day at a family entertainment venue with his five-year-old son. “Kefi is the answer for busy parents who value ‘me time’ and ‘we time’,” said Panayiotou. “Families deserve a space that is everyday special for both parent and child, where it can be an escape during a busy week versus just a weekend.”

Drawing from his time at Walt DisneyTM Parks and Resorts and Best BuyTM, Panayiotou focused on developing high-tech solutions for Kefi that empower families to take control of their experience. He looked to his creative partner, Barry Williams, to design the layout and engineer the immersive, story-driven play experiences for families. Williams brings more than 15 years of experience leading technical teams and artists at LucasfilmTM for over 18 motion pictures and franchises, including Star WarsTM, Harry PotterTM, and the Marvel UniverseTM.

The first Kefi location will open at 3637 Peachtree Rd NE, Atlanta, Georgia with plans for a national rollout to follow in Los Angeles, Chicago, and Dallas. Families can purchase a two-hour play pass for $14.99, or a two-person membership starting at $99 a month.

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