Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex Becomes Interactive Experience


Powered through RMG Network’s MAX LED technology and creative storytelling, the Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex was re-imagined to bring new life to the Complex’s Main Street Experience.

Nominating Company: RMG Networks, Dallas, Texas
Venue: Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex, Merritt Island, Florida
Project: Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex Main Street Experience
Category: Entertainment & Recreation

Kennedy Space Center in Cape Canaveral, FL is the place where rockets are launched and inspiration for exploration is found. Delaware North and NASA commissioned RMG to tell their story in a modern, engaging way through digital signage and visual storytelling.

Our goal was to transform the Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex (KSCVC) from a heavily historic story into an experience that could transcend past, present and future happenings and create memorable visits. KSCVC is also in a competitive market and needed to stand out amongst the other major tourist attractions in the Florida area.

To achieve these objectives, RMG partnered with Yesco and Peerless-AV to design and install custom outdoor and indoor MAX LED displays. RMG’s in-house creative services team then partnered with KSC, Delaware North and NASA to bring the installations to life in an interactive and engaging way. The portals went live in late 2017, and the newly-renovated gift shop opened in 2018.

To draw visitor attention, the first challenge was to custom design RMG MAX LED displays to fit unique shapes and then create an experience where content would sync across multiple displays. From the upside down “swoosh” of the Astronaut Training Experience display to the Space Shop’s 14-foot by 8-foot MAX LED video wall and 125-foot long MAX LED circular ribbon, the displays needed to project brilliant, flawless stories within the architecture of the buildings.

Added to the challenge was the need to install, test and deploy while the visitor complex remained open and in time for “busy season” in December. RMG’s concept of Space Shop guests immersed in deep space, then seamlessly experiencing a meteor streaking across the Space Shop’s perimeter, lived as a concept video until the displays were installed. Because of the size of the installations, testing of the content couldn’t be done until the displays were live.

RMG utilized its professional services and content creation services and worked closely with Delaware North and its partners to deliver a one-of-a-kind content digital experience in time for KSCVC’s peak holiday season.

RMG teams worked on-site at KSC for weeks in November and December, often before and after visitor hours to install the MAX LED displays. Simultaneously, informative and imaginative storyboards, motion graphics and edited video footage were developed to bring the screens to life. Technicians and creatives then worked hand in hand to fine tune the spacing and timing of content within the custom-shaped displays to create a “wow effect.”

“RMG has been a tremendous partner,” said Therrin Protze, COO of Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex. “Their creativity, state-of-the-art technology and commitment to our guest experience continues to earn them project after project. It’s a strong relationship.”

RMG combined its digital signage expertise with a holistic approach to expanding the guest experience into a theater of the mind. KSC’s attractions have been totally re-imagined, and the LED-lined Main Street captures guest attention and welcomes them in to learn more. The Space Shop now boasts an interactive experience fitting of its notoriety as the world’s largest shop dedicated to space. It features the Apollo 11 gantry offering guests the chance to walk in the footsteps of astronauts with displays underfoot – as guests walk across the floor, they will have realistic views of space. Shoppers can also take photos of themselves as astronauts to project on the wall display.

Several stunning images of RMG’s installations have been featured in the media and by KSC.

USA Today – ATX Installation:  

KSC website – Press release promoting KSC and RMG partnership: 

KSCVC Main Street Experience commissioned by: Kennedy Space Center and NASA

Display technology and installation by: RMG Networks in cooperation with Yesco and Peerless-AV

Video content and design by: RMG Networks in cooperation with KSC, Delaware North, and NASA

NASA Bus Tour pic from RMG

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