Kitcast Partners with Jamf to Turn Apple TV into Enterprise Digital Signage


SAN FRANCISCO January 16, 2018 — Kitcast, the creator of digital signage software for Apple TV, is excited to announce its partnership with Jamf, enterprise Apple TV management solution provider. The result of this partnership allows enterprises to implement digital signage solutions at large scales.

By integrating Kitcast digital signage network technology with Jamf ’s device management capabilities, enterprise-level businesses or educational institutions with existing Apple-based infrastructure can now deploy Apple TVs without painstakingly configuring each individual device for its purpose.

Kitcast pre-installment lets enterprises generate digital signage through Jamf ’s Apple DEP solution, which lets users preconfigure Apple devices before delivery. This turns the Apple TV into a plug-and-play digital signage device that any business can immediately put to use straight out of the box.

Apple’s tvOS 11 update, released in October, makes this functionality possible by substantially expanding Apple TV third-party support protocols. In particular, the device’s AppConfig framework now allows Kitcast to automatically register new screens to accounts, preconfigure playlists, and sync between multiple Jamf and Kitcast locations.

Beyond digital signage, the same infrastructure allows enterprises to utilize Apple TVs for internal screen sharing during meetings, presentations, and video calls.

This development makes the Apple TV the most versatile digital signage player currently available for enterprises.

About Kitcast:
Kitcast is the #1 digital signage software for managing content across any TV or display. Kitcast customers include global brands like Marriott, Wyndham, Nike, Cirque de Soleil, and Belkin.
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