KVMSwitchTech Introduces New Longer Distance HDMI Splitter Extenders over Cat6 Cable


KVMSwitchTech now has Long Range HDMI Distribution Amplifiers for UHD 4K Signals.Hudson, OH (PRWEB) April 26, 2017—The HDMI splitter extender has been an important tool for distributed media and digital signage ever since the HD revolution swept through TV market. Now with 4K TVs and media becoming more prevalent it is just as important as ever for the distribution amplifier to keep pace. KVMSwitchTech is working hard to keep pace and is excited to announce two new HDMI splitter extenders using the new HDbitT technology. Available in both a 4 port and 8 port RJ45 output option, the HDMI-CATSPU series provide a strong 4K signal @ 30Hz out to 395 feet with even greater distances possible with quality cables. Equally important each unit ships as a kit with the full compliment of receivers. Where previous technology had limited the cable length to around 330 feet, these new HDMI Extender units allow content distribution across larger facilities from a single command center. All this while pushing a higher resolution than previously possible. The infra red signal transmission controls the source device operation for long distance signal transmission.

For administrators who do not require the cutting edge of resolution and distance, KVMSwitchTech still provides other solid HDMI distribution solutions that have other great features such as the ability to either monitor the signal locally, or expand the total number of displays through a local loop output. HDMI Extension units can be used in conjunction with HDMI Matrix Switch units for complex applications. Be sure to check out all the options available and contact them directly for any specific configuration questions and requirements.

About KVMSwitchTech
KVMSwitchTech is a company dedicated to the idea that customer support is still the most important function in any business. With a staff whose experience in the KVM field spans multiple decades, they are sure to be able to help resolve any issues. Their technicians can be quickly contacted through either email or phone support without trying to navigate phone menus. Call today to start building a custom configuration.

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