Largest Digital Art Piece in the West Debuts at OUE Tower


SiliconCore created the West’s largest digital art feature at the newly reopened OUE Tower in Los Angeles, formerly the U.S. Bank Tower. Prolific Artist David Nile’s impressive 126-foot- wide by 17-foot-tall curved SiliconCore LED video wall captures the imagination of L.A. sight-seers from their first step into this flagship destination.

Nominating Company: SiliconCore, Milpitas, California
Venue: OUE Tower, Milpitas, California
Project: OUE Tower, Los Angeles
Category: Business & Government Services

Largest Digital Art Piece in the West Debuts at OUE TowerBACKGROUND
As a key destination for L.A. visitors, the OUE Tower needed an impressive entrance lobby to draw in the crowds. With the vision for an open and inviting space, Artist David Niles of Niles Creative Group (NCG) was selected to design an inviting destination that reflects L.A.’s surrounding culture and history.

A large and inviting glass atrium houses the massive LED display. At nearly half the length of a football field, the display not only dominates the lobby, but can be experienced by the public from the sidewalk and the street.

Niles specified SiliconCore’s 4-millimeter pixel pitch LED diode and driver system, which proved ideal for the viewing distance of visitors in the building. The video content was captured in 4K, 6K and 8K resolution, and includes extensive scenes of the essence of LA’s culture and history. This was filmed by Niles’ team to the exact dimensions and resolutions required.

During the changeover from the U.S. Bank Tower to OUE Tower, the building was retrofitted to meet the most stringent environmental standards. This made it incredibly difficult to find a display that would meet the required size, while still remaining a sustainable choice.

As David Niles explained, “SiliconCore’s Common Cathode LED was the only display technology whose power consumption was low enough to make this installation possible, as power and subsequent heat generation were mission critical requirements.”

The technology reduces the heat output of displays, removing the need for additional cooling. As a result, this efficient, lower-power design allows the display to handle higher LED densities while maintaining high brightness and superb performance.

SiliconCore’s driver chip development is happening at the same speed as their pixel pitch reductions, which allowed OUE Tower to use the display at its full 2000-nit brightness and still have perfect flowing imagery.

Largest Digital Art Piece in the West Debuts at OUE TowerSOLUTIONS
SiliconCore’s curved LED screen is 126 feet wide by 1 7 feet high, and boasts a pixel resolution of 8500 x 1440 – more than 12.2 million pixels. It can display a photo-realistic image so clear that it appears to be three dimensional, and is the highest resolution display of its kind west of the Mississippi.

NCG’s content delivery system uses artificial intelligence to change the flow of music and visuals to mimic the movement of pedestrian traffic within the lobby. The stunning effect achieved on the LED display draws crowds to the new OUE Tower.

SiliconCore’s revolutionary patented Common Cathode technology features a high-speed LED driver pixel clock, ensuring outstanding performance in maintaining consistent 2000 Hz refresh rates, which was critical for displaying such demanding content.

As project designer David Niles explains, “This truly spectacular installation and our ambitious content requirements have been brought to life in the most compelling way, with absolutely no seams due to the nature of LED.”

“Innovative clients and projects continue to drive us towards developing the technology to meet the demands of the most discerning designers such as David Niles,” Eric Li, CEO of SiliconCore said. “These remarkable designers push the envelope of creativity, and we partner with them to push innovation forward with large scale fine pitch direct-view LED displays.”

Since opening in June 2016, the tower has attracted thousands of guests, and the new displays will help draw in more than 500,000 visitors a year.

Niles Creative Group – Content and design
Andrew Gumper, AG Light and Sound – Installation


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