LAVNCH WEEK and Digital Signage Day Return


After a successful run in late April, the rAVe Agency, Zoom and DSE are back with LAVNCH WEEK 2.0. Again, this extravaganza of virtual learning, networking and product demonstration is featuring multiple days of events, but most importantly, June 26 is Digital Signage Day! Industry veteran and Executive Member of the Digital Signage Federation Laura Davis-Taylor will be leading with the keynote for Digital Signage Day, and the topic is all about taking the opportunities to get back to business safely and effectively while dealing with COVID-19.  

Watch the video below for more:

“As far as presenting virtually,” said Davis-Taylor, “I’m just delighted that even far apart and in a virtual format, we as an industry are continuing to connect, share, support and come together to address this challenging time, both for our industry and our individual businesses.”

In addition to this keynote, Dane L Oldridge of Intel will be leading an informative session about the latest technology and trends in the digital signage industry, including the recent and pervasive chatter about recoiling from touchscreens.

“I was hearing initially about the downfall of kiosks (the “no one wants to touch a screen any longer” theory),” said Oldridge. “I heard this even from trusted sources, but our partner and customer input was very contrary.  We immediately saw a rapid rise in multi-modal interactive solutions such as gesture, NLP/Voice, pre-touch & hover sensing and more.  So the kiosk and self-service market is going nowhere.  In fact, I believe these new modes of interaction will see the kiosk business continue to thrive and expand.”

Oldridge’s session will also discuss the surge in digital signage and communications products that have arisen out of a need to ensure the safety of employees everywhere. This includes systems involving people counting, thermal sensors, RFID, facial authentication and more solutions.

The day will conclude with a discussion entitled “A Panel from the Trenches: Theories, Realities and Future Forecasts” in order to help our industry continue to grapple with the developing challenges and complications of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. For more information about LAVNCH WEEK 2.0 and Digital Signage Day, visit: here and here.


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