LED Makeover of Biotech Company Lobby Reflects Approach to Disease Research


This unique video wall application is 24-feet wide by 25-feet tall, and rp Visual Solutions (RPV) designed and engineered the custom ceiling support structure for the 12Wx12H SiliconCore 1.9 Orchid LED cabinets as well as the 17 slim phalanges of 3.0 Sunflower LED tiles. This slab to slab tube steel structure weighed 5,600 pounds and was built with a front service solution.

Nominating Company: rp Visual Solutions, Anaheim, California
Venue: Biotech Company , Anaheim, California
Project: Biotech Company Corporate Lobby
Category: Business & Government Services

Integrator HB Communications/Boston, Custom Mount Manufacturer rp Visual Solutions and LED Technology from SiliconCore Technology were tagged by Consultant Charles M. Salter to bring this corporate lobby project from concept to reality in Cambridge, Massachusetts. Their combined efforts created a stunning centerpiece for the immersive science gallery for the Biotech Company, taking a typical video wall to new heights both with immersive content and high-resolution LED that is just captivating. Interactive technology and visual elements were used in the multi-story building’s lobby to help translate its approach in understanding disease and research.

LED Makeover of Biotech Company Lobby Reflects Approach to Disease Research

One of the main problems that generally plagues LED video walls is that of structural support. In the case of this corporate lobby, the structure was mounted slab to slab, and its back framework was tied back to plywood to take the building out of the equation. RPV’s mounts are engineered to take into consideration the load and tolerance of the LED, and thus, take the building out of the equation. By doing this, RPV can achieve a level and true surface as structural walls are not typically flat, and wood will bow over time. Utilizing RPV’s backer frame as part of the custom mounting solution provides stability, ensures a smooth installation and offers precision alignment.

RPV is known for designing and engineering solutions for unique applications. This corporate lobby project called on several of their reputed capabilities–large and architecturally integrated. Their team of mechanical engineers worked with the consultant on the project to create a custom solution that would take the LED technology to new heights and offer stunning results versus a typical rectangular video wall.

LED lobby design

The completion of this interactive lobby centerpiece really highlights this biotech company’s focus on research, and their legacy of developing innovative human therapeutics. The content elevates the design to the next level as well by making the wall look alive. Biomedical science laboratories for research and development never looked more mesmerizing.

-Consultant: Charles M. Salter
-Integrator: HB Communications/Boston
-Custom Mount Manufacturer: rp Visual Solutions
-LED Technology was supplied by SiliconCore Technology

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