LED Screens Reinvent Brookfield Place’s Physical Space


Pearl Media installed best-in-class 2-millimeter pixel pitch LED displays throughout Brookfield Place to attract banner crowds to the multi-use space with luxury retailers, best-in-class restaurants and the most memorable brand activations. Screens were strategically placed based on foot traffic, and content was timed in tandem with target audiences and time of day. Pearl overcame structural obstacles that challenged the installation process. The screens have been up since September and attract more than 500 million daily visitors.

Nominating Company: Pearl Media, Fairfield, New Jersey
Venue: Brookfield Place, New York, New York
Project: Brookfield Place
Category: Venues & Public Spaces

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Our goal was to reinvent and transform Brookfield’s physical space in a way that would establish the mixed-use venue as a premiere destination in lower Manhattan. Through sponsorships, events and best-in-class digital signage, the partnership set out to further redefine the role that physical retail can play in creating dynamic experiences for consumers and brands.

Pearl Media installed cutting-edge 2-millimeter pixel pitch LED displays, strategically placed in high-traffic areas in Brookfield, along with a mix of additional LED and LCD displays throughout the venue to attract and engage with visitors. All signage placements across the space were paired with premium content from the Associated Press and location-based advertising tailored to reach key target audiences. The 2-millimeter LED screens have the highest resolution in the advertising industry.

In the pavilion, where we installed the largest screens, Pearl had to overcome the challenge of making them flush in a very shallow cavity and making the screen fit and remain fixed to the wall without burdening the structural integrity of the pavilion.

In order to overcome the challenges of narrow space and other pre-existing structural components, Pearl custom-designed the screens.

Spanning the whole connecting hallway between the Oculus and Brookfield, the largest screen we installed has the potential to reach the Oculus’ 300,000 daily commuters, along with Brookfield’s half-million weekly visitors, 140 businesses and more than 50,000 employees. The screens will also help reach the 15 million global travelers to visit the area annually (as predicted by Westfield).

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