LED Signage Totem Wows Passengers at Moscow Airport


Among the largest and busiest of Russia’s airports, Sheremetyevo International Airport in Moscow serves tens of millions of passengers and sees hundreds of thousands of tons of cargo passing through each year. To entertain this massive influx of visitors, Sheremetyevo recently undertook an enormous modernization project that involved the demolition of the airport’s original Terminal 1 and the construction of an entirely new transportation hub, Terminal B, in its place. For the new Terminal B’s digital signage, Sheremetyevo wanted to provide a taste of Russian culture and complement the terminal’s avant-garde architectural design, so they turned to LG Business Solutions, who helped consolidate and simplify the workflow for Terminal B’s construction.

Moscow Airport New Terminal B

“Sheremetyevo Airport wanted to build a brand-new terminal with an innovative digital signage concept in a relatively short period of time,” said LG Electronics Russia’s Key Account Manager Grigory Astafiev. “We worked closely with the airport to comprehensively help them address their needs, from pre-sales support to installation and troubleshooting.”

LG only had one and a half months to install hundreds of digital signage products that would be greeting Terminal B’s first passengers. First and foremost, Sheremetyevo Airport required a piece of digital signage that could serve as the focal point within Terminal B as well as a landmark not only for the airport, but for Moscow as well. LG recommended the installation of a massive four-sided direct-view LED signage totem display that would be strategically placed so everyone heading up to Sheremetyevo’s departures hall would see.

By far the largest single piece of digital signage in Terminal B, this LED signage totem rises two stories up from its base, and the escalator next to it allows passengers to closely take in its enormous scale. Made up of LG’s high-brightness LAS series digital signage displays that provide up to 1,000 nits of brightness, wide viewing angles, and 24/7 operation, the LED signage totem stands out from the rest of the terminal’s architecture to display intricate animated clock towers, Russian cultural showcases, and advertisements for travelers approaching in all directions.

LED Signage Totem 3

Although there were other digital signage deployments throughout the new terminal, including Flight Information Display Systems (FIDS) and a large LED cube installation that blurs the line between modern art and functional technology, the LED signage totem was the most demanding challenge to install and set up. A custom frame with an incorporated air-cooling system first had to be constructed. Each individual LED unit had to bear extremely stringent manufacturing and installation tolerances to ensure that there would be no visible gaps between them.

“From the very beginning, Terminal B was designed to be the most technologically innovative transportation hub in Russia,” said Sheremetyevo Advertising Company’s Deputy General Manager Andrey Grushko. “We worked closely with LG to implement many interesting new ideas, including, modern advertising technologies and cutting-edge media design.”

LED Signage Totem 2

“The equipment we received perfectly meets our needs, and we are very pleased to have worked with LG,” said Sheremetyevo’s Head of IT Infrastructure Kirill Kulikov. “Every day, we can see the ‘wow’ factor the LG digital signage displays provide our passengers.”

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