LG Brings Dual Display OLED Signage to India


LG Electronics India, launched a one-of-its kind dual display flat OLED technology in India today. The OLED Signage – Dual View Flat OLED technology maximizes the advertising effects and gives a 2-way media experience saving space with paper slim depth of 8 mm.

It can be used in three ways – as a flat screen, wallpaper and with a curved tilt. It comes with the convenience of dedicated accessories, supporting 3 different installations depending on the space with built in Monitor Screen, Cables and Signage Box.

LG targets malls, theaters, retail shops and such public spaces with this product. It has been launched at a price of Rs. 7 lakhs in India.

The Worlds Narrowest Bezel (0.9mm) Video Wall enables immersive viewing experience on an assembled video wall. It ensures clear picture quality and its IPS LED backlight technology guarantees high uniformity in brightness to ensure a clear picture. It comes equipped with a synced media playback which eliminates the need for an external media player.

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