The LG Experience Wall Catches Eyes in Best Buys


The LG Experience Wall is located in 376 Best Buy stores across the country. Each wall houses five of LG’s latest OLED and Super UHD TVs, multiple audio products and an interactive touchscreen driving the entire experience. Stores with these walls resulted in an $8.4 million increase in sales.

Nominating Company: The Sandbox Agency, Kansas City, Missouri
Venue: LG’s “Best Buy TV Experience Wall,”Englewood Cliffs, New Jersey
Project: The LG Experience Wall
Category: Retail

In late 2015, LG partnered with Sandbox to lead Design Phase, Digiworks and BrightSign through the development of a display that could compete against the ever-changing retail environment as well as competitors’ store-within-store environments. To do this, the display needed to be large and disruptive, featuring the best of LG’s home electronics lineup.

Launched in April of 2016, the largest version of the wall, spanning 24 feet wide, does just this. Located in nearly 400 Best Buy locations across the country, the massive experience wall allows shoppers to compare and contrast LG’s top products to truly discover which ones are right for them.

Each wall houses five of LG’s latest OLED and Super UHD TVs, three sound bars/subwoofers and an interactive touchscreen driving the demonstrations. Best Buy stores with these walls have seen a significant increase in sales.

Together, we needed to develop a solution that could overcome the changing retail landscape and gain an advantage over competitors (Samsung & Sony) who spent millions securing store-within-store environments at Best Buy. This display needed to disrupt the category and present complicated benefit and spec information in a way that was easy to understand for consumers all within one, cohesive experience. Beyond this, we needed to figure out a way to make the sales associates the hero, as their involvement is key in closing sales.

The LG Experience Wall Catches Eyes in Best BuysSOLUTIONS
By giving each product their own BrightSign media player, we were able to deploy 4K content across all five screens, like a billboard, to create a visceral experience that hadn’t yet been done in stores. The grandeur of the display, combined with the eye-catching and impactful content, is hard to ignore from the minute you enter the store.

But after catching shoppers from afar, we needed a way to continue to captivate their attention as they approached the wall. The touchscreen tablet sitting in the center of the display gives shoppers the chance to take in information relevant to them at their own pace. The tablet also became a valuable tool for the sales associate, giving them access to “hidden content” not available to the shopper.

Overall, the wall generated extremely positive feedback and had a major impact in Best Buy’s LG TV sales. Beyond this, we were able to show a cost savings for LG, outperformance against competitors and heightened user interaction with the display.

1. Increase in BBY LG TV sales in the wall stores was an aggregated $8.4 mil.
2. Annualized sales lift could be calculated as $101.5 mil.
3. 41 percent increase in tablet interaction over month to month 4.37 percent increase in Best Buy sales rep interactions, making it a vital tool in the sale

Design Phase – Display manufacturer
Digiworks – Tech integrator, software and systems developer
BrightSign – Tech provider

The Sandbox Agency won the DSE 2017 Bronze APEX Award in the Retail category.


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