LG Stretches Out for Digital Signage Expo 2016


As Digital Signage Expo 2016 waits just over the horizon, and all the major exhibitors prepare to showcase their latest and greatest arsenal of digital signage innovations, Digital Signage Connection was lucky enough to catch up with LG Business Solutions’ head of marketing Garry Wicka to discuss the company’s all-star lineup of products for this year’s conference.

First of all, the brand-new 86-inch stretch 86BH5C display is an obvious keystone at this year’s LG Electronics booth. As display sizes have changed radically over the last few years, and hardware costs have come down, LG has been able to experiment with display size and shape to meet a wider range of customer demands. Direct-view LED was too expensive, so LG decided to play to their strengths and create the 86BH5C, which is a stunning stretch display (just over seven feet long and one foot wide) capable of applying to virtually any vertical and even serving as digital décor.

LG Tavern Sign“You can mount the 86BH5C over a doorway or display it in a pillar format to capitalize on spatial efficiency in a public setting,” Wicka explained. “These options easily fit into retail market and everything in between from the financial sector to art galleries to digital menu boards. Retail immediately seemed like a perfect fit because the 86BH5C is flexible in that it can display images vertically or horizontally, making it adaptable and appropriate for a market in which wall space is particularly minimal.”

The nearly unprecedented physical length of the 86BH5C also makes it ideal for transportation environments like airports or train stations. It’s more pleasing to the eye than standard LED boards, and instead of having to connect four different displays to make an ad big enough, end users can easily daisy chain multiple 86BH5Cs to actually show more than one ad or even display something as purely aesthetic as bucolic landscapes if desired.

According to Wicka, the 49WEC Hybrid Cooler with a transparent display that doubles as an ad platform is also sure to stand out at LG’s booth this year — another product that feels right at home in the retail and QSR verticals. While not technically new, this offering is unique in that a company can buy the whole thing together rather than having to buy the open frame separately.

LG Shoe SignRounding out the lineup, LG will also be highlighting their smaller 10-inch touchscreen signage and 22-inch signage as well as the expansion of its webOS for Signage platform. 

“We’re using our own technology to highlight other technologies that underline the larger LG story,” said Wicka. “And going to DSE is always beneficial because it’s a window into the evolution of innovation across the diverse digital signage market. We’ll also be introducing an amazing display of groundbreaking technologies at DSE that we can’t mention yet – another reason you will want to visit the LG booth. I think LG will be at the forefront of innovation, especially in terms of crossing over verticals and helping clients across industries to better tell their own stories.”

Digital Signage Expo 2016 takes place at the Las Vegas Convention Center (March 15-18). LG Electronics USA will be exhibiting at Booth #1210 on the show floor (March 16-17).

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