Liverpool 360-Degree LED Display Impacts Purchasing Patterns


This is a 186-foot-long, 360-degree LED display at the core of one of the most important department store in Mexico: Liverpool, located in Mexico City. This display is jointless and shows a perfect circle. No one knows where the display starts.

Nominating Company: Motion Ads, Mexico City, DF, Mexico
Venue: Liverpool 360 LED Display, Mexico City, DF, Mexico
Project: Liverpool 360 LED Display
Category: Retail

This 360-degree display is located at the most value department for advertising in the store: Perfumery. So the challenge was to create stunning content for three purposes: Ambiances, Corporate content and brand content adaptations. Content had to be seen and understood from any angle.

The main challenges were dealing with resolution more than 14 K (14,592 pixels long) and creating 360 degrees of jointless video. 14 K+ resolution implies that we had to be very careful with details. A jointless video means that viewers never notice where the video starts and ends on the display. It’s a perfect circle. The content had to catch attention and be engaging and alluring.

SOLUTIONSLiverpool Mexico City
Using Sk monitors and state of the art PC and Macs, we can achieve the same quality that we provide for Full HD content for these 14 K+ videos. We have deployed a proprietary way to obtain jointless 360-degree videos since 2012, for inner (like this) and outer (as DynaScan’s) 360-degree displays. How we achieve this jointless video is our secret. For ambient content, we create animated changing patterns, using different elements and particles. For corporate content, we use the same corporate graphics as the rest of the media. We animated them in a four-axis scheme to achieve complete sight from any corner. For brand content adaptations, we respected guidelines from each brand, mixing video and graphics, keeping brands’ campaign essence.

As result, this LED display content generates excellent impressions from customers. They talk about it a lot, but the most important thing is the high impact it has on buying tendencies, and Perfume brands demand to use this display over and over for their campaigns.

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