L’Oréal Re-Enchants Client’s Emotional Journey with Digital Signage


48: This is the number of hair salons (partners of L’Oréal) equipped with digital displays from CrownTV  since June.

“We have one goal as we accompany hairdressers in the transformation of their salons: Re-enchant the emotional journey of clients in hair salons,” said Tania Ruaut, director of retail for L’Oréal. “The main idea is to improve the quality of service at all levels and listen to feedback from clients. Seven key steps have been identified in the client’s journey, and digital signage constitutes the first of these.”

“The window display plays a crucial role in the client coming to the salon. It must make the client want to go into the salon based on the information about the salon, on its expertise, on brands and innovations. It’s why we recommend digitalization so that it will be impactful and attractive,” Ruaut said.

An argument supported by key figures: Brands using screens in their window displays saw their traffic grow an average of 33 percent and their sales revenue increased 24 percent (source: Popai, 2014).

To simplify the distribution of content, the provider launched two web interfaces: The first, given the distinction “super-admin,” manages and dictates the content for the entire network of sub brands.

“For example, a network head defines a certain type of content by store, and we distribute the requested content on each screen” said Tristan Dupont, business director at Crown Heights/CrownTV.

A second interface, this one for clients, was created for the point of sale.

“It allows the store manager to have a hand in what is on their own display screen,” Dupont said, “and to manage its communication in an autonomous way.”

Simple and effective.

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