Loud-Hailer Launches Groundbreaking Connected City Solution


KINGSTON, N.Y., Nov. 8, 2017 /PRNewswire/ –– Loud-Hailer, an innovator in hyperlocal digital communications, is pleased to announce the launch of their Connected City solution, a non-beacon based Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) proximity discovery and engagement solution for cities. 

This proprietary, patent pending, groundbreaking technology was unveiled during New York Digital Signage Week at the DailyDOOH Investor Conference in New York City and will be showcased in downtown Providence, Rhode Island as it becomes Loud-Hailer’s first-ever Connected City. Loud-Hailer’s light infrastructure solution has revolutionized the way micro-communities such as city neighborhoods, university campuses or community festivals use technology to digitally communicate. 

Throughout the years, government, public and private organizations have looked for ways to enable more efficient services while reducing costs through Smart City solutions. Loud-Hailer’s unique and customizable approach supports Smart City initiatives, encouraging people to physically explore and engage with the city around them while stimulating local economic activity.  

“Loud-Hailer’s technology offers a revolutionary way to start enabling capabilities and benefits in a matter of months—not years,” said Jack Chen, Co-Founder and CEO of Loud-Hailer. “Our highly scalable light infrastructure solution creates BLE mesh networks that open up a whole new realm of possibilities for private and public partnerships or joint ventures.”

Once a user downloads the Providence2GO app onto an iOS device and turns on Bluetooth, they can seamlessly experience an enabled city while reducing app fatigue. Users need not worry about having a cell signal, Wi-Fi or Internet service or having a different app for each location or business—Loud-Hailer’s technology does all the work and provides hyperlocal, customized content when the user is within the listening range of participating organizations. 

“We’re thrilled that Providence, Rhode Island will be the first city to embrace this cutting-edge technology,” said Cimon Chen, Loud-Hailer Co-Founder and President.  “The beauty in Loud-Hailer’s approach is that we can deploy block by block, neighborhood by neighborhood, or city-wide. Our solutions are completely flexible and customized to meet the needs of each micro-community, giving users everything they need to experience as they move through a city.” 

In addition, Loud-Hailer is pleased to announce that the company is in discussions with the City of Columbus, Department of Technology on a Connected City platform. Loud-Hailer is also in discussions with the City of Sacramento, Mayor’s Office for Innovation and Entrepreneurship on a Connected City pilot. Loud-Hailer looks forward to discussing with the city administrations and various stakeholders in both cities to develop the scope of these innovative partnerships. 

To learn more about Loud-Hailer’s revolutionary technology, please visit: https://www.loud-hailer.com/. To download the Providence2GO App, please click here. For a list of all the participating organizations and partners supporting Providence2GO, please click here

About Loud-Hailer Inc.: Loud-Hailer® is a digital communications start-up based in New York’s Hudson Valley that uses proven and proprietary technology in revolutionary ways. From its inception, Loud-Hailer has focused on providing connectivity solutions and alternative ways for people to communicate. The applications of its technology are vast: proximity advertising, offline payments, hyperlocal engagement and in real life analytics.

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