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The latest development in the Indian city of Lucknow’s move towards becoming a Smart City has happened with the opening of its own brand new metro line. Spanning 8.5km, this priority stage of Phase 1 of the North-South Corridor, from Transport Nagar to Charbagh, is now operational.

In line with the city’s vision, including the most cutting-edge solutions and future proofing of the new metro line, Lucknow Metro Train Corporation chose Simpleway as the software provider for its passenger information systems, including voice announcement and display screens, in its stations and concourses. The announcements will be made in both Hindi and English, using Simpleway’s renowned dynamic voice library for passenger announcements.

Work on the Lucknow Metro started in September 2014, making this the fastest completion of a metro project in the country.

Petr Otoupal, Chief Executive of Simpleway, said: “We were delighted to work alongside Lucknow Metro Train Corporation on this massive project. Right from the outset, you could see that this was a really forward looking project, with its energy conservation measures, including the installation of solar power.

“Future proofing was clearly important, and we believe the software solutions provided by Simpleway are a perfect fit for such an ambitious project.”

The line will initially include 8 rolling stock, along eight stations, though the continuing project will see, on completion of the North South corridor, some 21 stations across 23km of rail, at both underground and ground level.

Simpleway also provided the software solutions for voice announcements and passenger information displays for Kochi Metro, the first metro project in India to connect rail, road and water transport.

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About Simpleway

Simpleway is an internationally renowned provider of customised passenger information platforms used at airports, railway and metro stations, marine ports and within public transportation networks.

Our platform processes data and presents it to passengers through a wide array of channels ranging from high quality human voice audio messages, displays & kiosks to mobile devices, ensuring passengers receive the right information, at the right time and place.

Currently, we offer our clients voice announcements in over 50 languages, including lesser known tongues such as Bislama, Samoan and Tongan.

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