Lucky’s Steakhouse Wine Menu Goes from Paper to Digital


The IdeasMenu on iPads installation is located at Lucky’s Steakhouse in Casino Niagara and has a web-based Content Management System. Lucky’s Steakhouse had the challenge of presenting a large selection of wines to their guests on paper menus, and with the IdeasMenu introduction, the experience is now far more engaging and positive.

Nominating Company: V4IDEAS Inc., Mississauga, Ontario, Canada
Venue: Lucky’s Steakhouse, Casino Niagara, Niagara Falls, Canada
Project: IdeasMenu on iPads
Category: Food & Beverage

Lucky’s Steakhouse approached V4IDEAS with the challenge of presenting their current wine menus to guests. The paper menus were in a large-format catalog with no pictures, and the text was too small to read. Also, the catalog was multiple pages, so guests had to flip through pages to find what they were looking for which was time-consuming and less exciting.

The restaurant was also seeking customer feedback, which was a great tool for them to improve their wine menus, overall customer service and recognize their staff for their service.

The major challenge was in regards to guests accepting the iPad-based menus and how they were going to react. Lucky’s Steakhouse has a very unique client base in terms of loyal guests that have been coming for years to their restaurant, and they were in the habit of using paper menus. In addition, there was concern about whether or not the iPad text size and touch screen links would be easy enough for guest to navigate through different sections. Using the right colors, pictures and engaging content were discussed in detail as well.

From a technology point of view, there was concern over whether or not IdeasMenu would be able to work with their current Wi-Fi network.

From the restaurant staff’s point of view, how would they be using IdeasMenu in regards to presenting it to customers? Would they be showing them how to use it and updating the content from the CMS?

After a detailed analysis, IdeasMenu was recommended with a few minor changes in regards to the user interface. The IdeasMenu Digital Tablet Menu is an engaging and intuitive iPad-based solution that can be used as a table mount or in a tablet case. After importing all the wine data to the back-end Content Management System, we started the pilot project last year by offering one iPad in the restaurant. Within a few weeks, the restaurant noticed a very positive response from many guests and decided to add four more iPads. The restaurant never stopped adding more iPads, and within a few additional weeks, five more iPads were added.

Ideas Menu also has a great feature of running on offline mode, so even if the Wi-Fi network is down, IdeasMenu iPads are still available for guest to select their wines.

PowerPoint PresentationRESULTS
The response has been amazing with guests giving more positive feedback. Also, the concern that older guests might have issues has been completely eliminated as they are enjoying using IdeasMenu on iPads. Overall customer service and sales have also been positively impacted.

The restaurant manager now changes the wine selection in real time whenever he/she wants. With a few clicks, they can remove an old wine and add a new wine without going through the whole printing process. The restaurant has also been successful in moving their low-selling wines by showing those wines in more visible sections or showing them first when guests are using IdeaseMenu iPads.

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