“Lush” Living Wall Creates Transparent LED Experience


10net collaborated with the LUSH Creative Team to design and engineer the world’s first custom suspended and vertical ambient transparent LED experience for TED Talks 2016, hosted in Vancouver, BC, Canada. The digital experience incorporated a “lush” living wall element in conjunction with beautifully syncopated content and lighting.

Nominating Company: 10net Managed Solutions Ltd, North Vancouver, BC, Canada
Venue: Lush Fresh Handmade Cosmetics, Vancouver, BC, Canada
Project: Lush Fresh Handmade Cosmetics LED Experience
Category: Event Venues & Hospitality

The Dream Lounge: A whimsical conceptual garden that inspires, refreshes, restores and reflects the theme that Dreams Matter.

Unexpected elements-like any good garden design-surprise, delight and inform.

It was a sanctuary within the conference where participants could relax, contemplate their biggest dreams and learn more about Lush’s brand dreams at Vancouver Convention Centre from Feb15-19, 2016.

“Lush” Living Wall Creates Transparent LED Experience The Lush Dream Lounge was a seamless integration of unexpected experiential elements, the highlight being a hanging canopy of living greenery and sustainably preserved moss, within which was a suspended 6-foot square transparent LED screen playing gorgeous ambient ‘Bath Art’ content. The overall effect was a deeply relaxing and immersive experience, at once a garden and a dreamlike moment where reality was literally and figuratively suspended.

By reversing the typical axis of both the garden elements and how screen technology is presented, the Dream Lounge invited participants into a re-imagined world of the magic and genius of Lush, which is deeply rooted in ethical, sustainable practices.

10net faced four major challenges when executing on the Lush design team vision:
1. The transparent LED panels were designed to ‘hang’ vertically and weren’t designed for horizontal installation. Since this method of installation had never been attempted before, there was nothing available to keep them from buckling under their own weight.
2. Lush wanted everything to be open, transparent, clean and free of clutter. The suspended sign was to appear to be ‘floating’ in mid-air. Rigging and Power/Data cable management had to be done in a ‘stealth’ manner. Due to the open ceiling structure of the venue, traditional options were not applicable.
3. Setup time was limited to only a few hours. Everything had to be installed and commissioned in a very short order with limited man power.
4. Content on both the vertical and horizontal screens needed to be perfectly synchronized to give a very crisp visual experience.

10net and Lush teams collaboratively worked with a local fabrication shop on a custom structure that would allow the suspended LED panels to be mounted horizontally, meet the weight requirements for safe rigging and be able to be mounted quickly with only two people. The same style of structure was built for the vertically mounted LED panels to keep the experience consistent.

Custom cabling was used and routed in a way that allowed it to be completely hidden within the structure as well as the open ceiling of the venue. 10net pre-staged the equipment ahead of time allowing the two techs and the rigging team to assemble and install the structures well within the time constraints.

A 10net-configured media player running Scala was used to create a large canvas spanning the vertical and horizontal LED-surfaces. Because only one media player was used for both LED displays, content could be seamlessly synchronized with zero latency.

As one of the premier thought-provoking leadership conferences worldwide, the TED TALKS LUSH DREAM LOUNGE was a clear attraction to all guests. The LUSH DREAM LOUNGE received a multitude of positive feedback and comments. When guests needed a moment to “chill” and reflect, the sights, the smells, the natural environment and the ambience had a calming effect. This effect was not about the technology being a focal point, but about altering perspectives and enhancing perception. LUSH, Ted Talks and guests worldwide absolutely loved the LUSH DREAM LOUNGE experience!


10net Managed Solutions Ltd. won the DSE 2017 Bronze APEX Award in the Event Venues & Hospitality category.

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