Macomb Theater Lobby Experience Gets Five-Star Reviews


Emagine Macomb Theater worked with Christie Digital to create a unique and captivating lobby experience for movie goers in their new upscale theater in Macomb Michigan. Patrons are immediately captivated by an impressive 16-screen video wall, bringing them into the Hollywood experience that continues throughout the lobby, bar and concession area.

Nominating Company: Christie Digital, Cypress, California
Venue: Emagine Macomb Theater, Macomb, Michigan
Project: Macomb Theater lobby experience
Category: Arts, Entertainment & Recreation

Who: Christie THREE SIXTY Team
When: Completed December 2014
Where: Macomb, Michigan, USA
What: Christie created a unique experiential digital environment throughout Emagine’s nine-screen, upscale Macomb venue realizing Emagine’s corporate objectives to create something unique and special for their new theater.

When entering, the moviegoer is greeted by a 16-display Hero wall showing the latest Hollywood content. The experience continues through the rest of the lobby into the bar and concession area via interactive digital posters and a display wall above the bar. Christie Three Sixty also ensured cohesive branded promotional content, games, gesture interaction and social media applications.

Why: The client wanted to create a unique, never-before-seen lobby experience that contributed to the high-end movie going experience that they wanted to achieve.

The client wanted something unique and never-before-seen in a theater lobby—something that would contribute to the upscale feeling of leather seating, fireplace and Ironwood Grill bar. Part of the above solution was to create a large Hero wall in a unique herringbone design made up of 16 55-inch displays angled diagonally only two screens high and long and narrow. Most content is created for 16:9 screen resolutions. Not only did Christie need to ensure content was aligned and played in unison but that already created content would fill the width of this long video wall.

interactive lobby experience and video wall at Macomb Theater in MichiganSOLUTIONS
Screens were placed anywhere there was dwell time. Interactive digital posters were hung around the lobby seating area, concession stands and a video wall above the bar area. Our content strategy tied everything together with all screens networked for a cohesive experience.

For the herringbone Hero Wall, we created a template that combined various outputs into a single almost 4K video clip that could be read by the standard video players we were using. Because the format is long and narrow, we needed to be creative with content by “stretching” without warping trailers and other studio content by adding effects to fill the edges of the screen. The content that is formatted to fit the 16-screen hero wall becomes an intriguing work of art that captivates and tells the viewer that this is no ordinary theater. The results have been impressive and many movie goers snap photos of the screen upon entering.

The theater has five-star Yelp reviews. There are plenty of comments on the great atmosphere starting in the lobby with the touchscreens being part of what creates an upscale experience and moves the movie going experience to a new level.

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