How to Make the Most of Your Medical Digital Signage


The opportunities that digital signage creates within the medical sector are endless, including increased staff communication, better patient experiences and even the ability to view medical information much easier. There are, of course, a number of ways in which you can make the most out of your digital signage technology, and so we have created a guide to help you along the way:

Make it Engaging

Reaching out to your audience during waiting times can be beneficial for you and, of course, those waiting. Hospital environments can be boring and tedious, and giving people something to take their mind off things or to entertain them whilst they wait can have a positive effect overall. By introducing digital signage into waiting rooms and family rooms, they are able to focus on the information presented to them instead of what is going on around them, and if the digital display is effective enough, it may really help with their overall experience. By including digital content such as social media feeds, videos, live news feeds and various other types of content, the audience will really be able to connect and engage with it.

Use it as a Source of Education

In this day in age, society is much more accustomed to paying attention to something on a screen as opposed to something on paper. With this in mind, save time and money spent on wasted paper by investing in digital displays that can give them all of the required information, if not more, in an appealing and engaging way on digital display screens that people will almost certainly look at during their time at medical sector locations. Not only does this mean that more people will digest the information, but it also means that, if done effectively, the information may stay in people’s heads for longer. By adding sound and visual effects, you will be able to educate everybody about all kinds of medical-related topics.

Show Patients and Visitors That You Care

A fantastic way to make use of your digital displays is to show your patients and visitors that you care. This can be done by honoring past and present patient, with their permission, and telling their stories of beating illness. This is a nice way of recognizing people and what they are going through, creating a feel-good factor and providing inspiration to people that may need it.

Increase Revenue through Digital Displays

With the world around us being a 24/7 advertisement platform, it may seem somewhat disrespectful to present unnecessary adverts in an environment when people want to concentrate on other things. However, if done in a way that presents information that is useful to them, this is a much more honest way of advertising through digital signage. Other tips include the use of external advertisement to increase revenue.

Produce Artwork through Digital Signage

Although digital signage is primarily used to provide information, it’s also a good idea to step back from the lines and lines of text and simplify digital displays with the use of images that could easily be mistaken for framed pictures. This use of digital displays has said to improve the wellbeing of patients and the atmosphere of the facilities. By creating the perfect playlist of wall art content, you are able to use videos and other visual pieces of content to make the area a more inviting space, which will also help to reduce stress levels. Digital signage is also very flexible, meaning that you can target and adapt your content to the surroundings and the target audience, based on what they may be interested in.

Consider How the Staff Communicate

The digital technology at medical facilities doesn’t always have to be directed at the patients and visitors. It can also be used for the medical staff too. The staff will often need fast and easy information regarding patients, and so, by using digital signage, you are providing them with an easy form of communication and the perfect way to view information. When using paper-based methods to display and communicate information, the data may change quickly, so the use of digital technology will give staff a way of constantly being up to date with various pieces of information.

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