Mass Media Advertising Wins Reading Borough Council Tender


Reading, Berkshire, UK: Mass Media Advertising has won an exclusive long-term contract with Reading Borough Council to provide a network of roadside large format advertising screens around the town. The initial installation, which will see a network of nine screens placed on major routes around the town, begins in August this year. The majority of the network will incorporate the Samsung Prismview premium LED product. Mass Media understands the need for colour accuracy for brands and the Prismview ICM pantone colour matching system ensures brands will never be let down by the LED display which measures ambient lighting conditions 24 hours a day automatically adjusting the screens brightness to maintain a proper illumination and colour.

“Samsung’s Prismview uses significantly less power than traditional LED making them a greener option which was a key factor for Reading Borough Council. Remote 24/7 monitoring will notify our control centre of any faults before they cause any issues, keeping downtime to the bare minimum and preventing any loss of advertising time for the client” commented Nathan Murphy | Sales Director

“Reading Borough Council is committed to innovation, engagement with its citizens and a real focus on becoming a green city. RBC set a high bar in terms of what they were asking from Mass Media. Samsung technical innovation and commercial experience in the DOOH sector combined with Mass Media unwavering ambition & commitment to delivering a first-class Digital Display Network for RBC became the baseline for success. We are delighted to have been involved in this partnership and looking forward to seeing the first go-live site switch on in August” Mike Brown |Business Manager LED | Samsung

Reading is one of the largest towns in the UK and a major hub for technology companies such as Microsoft and Oracle. Reading Borough Council are committed to innovation and engaging with their 300,000+ residents. The contract will also allow Reading Borough Council access to important outdoor spaces for its own public information messages and consultations regarding local issues, as well as providing an advertising revenue to the town.

This announcement comes as the first of five Local Authority wins along with many private landlord wins and continues the expansion of Mass Media’s digital out-of-home (DOOH) portfolio into major towns and cities throughout the UK.

“Reading is our home town so winning this contract means a lot to the team. It’s also a major win for the company and very strategic to our growth as a major DOOH provider in the UK.” Mass Lambresa | Managing Director | Mass Media

In addition to Reading Borough Council, Mass Media Advertising’s portfolio of high-profile landlords and partners covers major cities including London, Manchester and Newcastle

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Mass Media Advertising challenges the notion that digital out of home is inaccessible to smaller businesses and strives to simplify Digital out of home advertising by making it efficient, affordable and effective for every brand, agency and landlord across the UK. With a fresh approach to digital out of home advertising and an ever-growing list of locations in our pipeline, we offer affordable digital advertising to local and national clients, keeping our process simple so you have no reason to look anywhere else for your DOOH partner.


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