MCNEX Introduces Smart DID System for U.S. Retail Market


DATELINE 2017 – January 3, 2017 – Consumer Electronics Show — Korean-based technology innovator MCNEX today unveils its Smart DID (Digital Information Display) System, a gender/age-recognizing, internet-enabled, smart-thinking technology that is poised to dramatically improve the retail shopping experience. 

Available immediately, the Smart DID system will allow the U.S. market to capitalize on the growing smart-display market, which in Korea alone has seen a 20.4% CAGR since 2012 to an estimated $5 billion in 2016. (Source: ETRI)

Embedded with advanced IT and biometric technology, Smart DID customizes interactive encounters with shoppers based on gender, age group, time of day, or virtually any other promotional driver.  It can be deployed on any surface capable of hosting an LCD or LED screen, including signage, transparent displays, kiosks, countertop tablets, mirrors and even tabletops.

“Imagine a magic mirror that allows the fashionista to ‘try on’ limitless looks without changing a single garment, or a smart convenience-store cold case that, knowing a woman just finished an intense yoga class, offers up a special on the latest sports drink,” said MCNEX founder and CEO Donguk Min. “This is the future of shopping.”

In addition to providing curated images, video streaming, and information (all interactively engaged by the shopper via touchscreen or hand gestures), MCNEX Smart DID System can react to shopper behavior (e.g., product interaction, time engaged, etc.) to provide incremental messaging throughout the encounter, including buying messages, add-on sale suggestions and more.

“Smart DID will turn browsers into shoppers, dramatically increasing same store sales and average purchase amount, all while elegantly merging the physical and online shopping experience,” said Min.  “And it works two ways: gathering and aggregating real-time shopping behavior.”

The benefits of Smart DID include

  • The ability to share real-time interactive information across hundreds (or more) retail locations with little more than a few keystrokes via the central content management system • In-store behavioral data gathering • Embedding of various networks, including LTE, WiFi and NFC • Flexible deployment, from vending machines to windows, or any place an LED or LCD display can be installed (digital signage, kiosks, and transparent display) • Modular and flexible growth strategies • Low cost installation


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