MediaSignage Announces the Public Beta Launch of its Digital Signage Advertising Network


MediaSignage, Inc. is excited to announce the public beta launch of its new mediaAdNET, advanced advertising network for enterprise digital signage. Representing years of total development, the launch signals the company’s entrance into advertising for digital signage. The latest mediaAdNET release includes advanced features available to the company’s enterprise digital signage subscribers, including the ability to expose screens to third party content and get paid for doing so.

“Our latest release of the mediaAdNET is perhaps the most exciting development in the history of our company since we launched in 2008,” claims company owner Sean Levy. With the newly-released mediaAdNET enterprise users and screen owners now have the unique ability to opt-in to receive and publish ads to and from others on the network. “The latest tools allows for both local and national advertisers to purchase ad inventory across our existing screen network which encompasses tens of thousands of digital signage displays,” says Levy. “It allows our network operators to expose their screens to advertisers, further enhancing their ability to monetize their investment in digital real estate.”

The new solution includes not only the ability to opt-in for advertiser exposure but also provides screen owners with the ability to maintain control of content publishing. In addition, the mediaAdNET offers a highly-configurable framework on which digital content can be created, screened and published through multiple accounts with varying location metrics. Other features allow for an extreme amount of customization including advertising rates, ad localization (including location-based targeting), varying privileges, reports, billing, HTML enabling (for web publishing), pricing estimations, target configuration, CPM mapping and auto-approval functionality for select groups. Live chat within the SignageStudio also allows for direct conversation with screen owners regarding venue, screen and ad billing specifics.

In addition to the mediaAdNET, the latest 5.0 release includes new lite JavaScript SignagePlayer upgrades that allow for embedded content on websites (through Chromecast or on mobile devices), a new GPU rendering engine (for increasing HD videos by as much as 200%), SignagePlayer speed improvements (for better battery efficiency) and timeline interrupt for Android-based players.

“We are excited to begin this new phase of exposure and growth of the advertising side of the business,” Levy says. “This initial release includes many of the most important features relative to exposing our nearly 100,000 screens to advertisers. Future releases will further look to expand this side of our business.”

About MediaSignage, Inc.

Since 2008 MediaSignage has provided both free and enterprise-level digital signage software and hardware to Fortune 500 and SMB clients alike. Based in Los Angeles, California, the company hosts tens of thousands of active digital signage displays in over 130 countries. The company maintains its focus on providing quality digital signage to the masses. The release of the latest mediaAdNET further democratizes the power of screen owners to create unique experiences, but now they have a greater ability to monetize. The mediaAdNET is available via the SignageStudio for enterprise users.

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