MediaSignage Announces the Launch of a New Central Management Dashboard for Enterprise Digital Signage Users


MediaSignage, Inc. ( a provider of free and enterprise digital signage hardware and software is pleased to announce the new StudioDashboard for its enterprise clients. The new dashboard tool provides a number of additional tools and resources for digital signage network operators including user control, live server status, network health reports, signage application management, user privileges and even geographic screen mapping. All the new features are immediately available for enterprise users from a central management portal.

“With our latest portal dashboard software update, users can stay abreast of their digital signage network directly or delegate access to the various dashboard tools to any number of sub accounts,” says company CEO, Sean Levy. “This gives our enterprise customers both better control and better clarity over the detailed nuances of their digital signage,” he says.

One of the unique aspects of the new digital signage dashboard is its ability to provide a customized view via a live map. The interactive geo-targeted map allows users to see and know how specific screens are doing in various remote locations in real-time. “This feature provides a nice graphical way to monitor and track digital signage player performance in the moment,” says Levy.

In addition, the latest release in the StudioDashboard is powered by Google’s latest Angular 2 technology. In addition, the dashboard tool is provided as open source with the code immediately available on Github. This means any developer can customize the User Interface via the MediaSignage simple API. Enterprise clients can personalize the company’s latest version of the SignageStudio to meet the personalized needs of their business.

New features are also slated to be released very soon including server logs, user activity, snapshots, cloud storage capacity analytics and much more. “Please stay connected to the company as we continue to release features for our new dashboard,” Levy says. For more information on the latest release, clients are invited to view the company’s resource docs which include instructions on the open source code

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Based in Los Angeles, California, MediaSignage, Inc. is a premiere provider of digital signage hardware and software around the globe. With thousands of active users, including many in the Fortune 1000, MediaSignage provides solutions for both enterprise and entry-level digital signage users alike.

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