Medical City Healthcare Gets 4K 12-Panel Mosaic Video Array


Hypersign provided a 4K resolution, 12-panel mosaic video array for Medical City Healthcare, a division of HCA. This particular facility is the health facility for the NFL franchise, the Dallas Cowboys. The video array was mounted on a stone wall with off-board power and data components all housed in a separate area of the hospital. This solution is powered by Hypersign’s digital signage software with integration and creative content services also provided by Hypersign.

Nominating Company: Hypersign LLC, Drayton, South Carolina
Venue: HCA – Medical City Healthcare, Frisco, Texas
Project: 4K resolution (12) panel mosaic video array for Medical City Healthcare
Category: Healthcare Environments

Medical City Frisco aimed to grab patients’ attention and to build on their existing modern atmospherics. Hypersign offered a solution to this with a houndstooth-like pattern and Planar video array complete with 4Kvideo content provided by HyperCreative, which is Hypersign’s creative team. This project was executed in Frisco, Texas in November of 2018.

The customer wanted to preserve the existing stone wall and tie directly into that with as flat of a display as possible. Also, the angles of the displays had to be designed in a way that complemented the crease lines in the stone. This meant that there was little room for error, and we could only drill once to mount the displays. This difficulty was further amplified by the angle of the displays for the houndstooth pattern to meet the angle complementary to the stone crease, which was 38.1 degrees. In addition, this was being installed in a live acute care facility so working around patient transports, staff and the occasional emergency added additional challenges. Frisco is also Forbes Magazines’s fastest growing city in the U.S., so the influx of new patients to this centrally located facility was constant.

Nearly a day of prep-work and measuring were complete before the first hole was drilled for the displays. Planar also had some on-site expertise present to assist our team. After a meticulous day of planning, the first mount was in place, and the rest were placed in like a puzzle.

The project was a huge success. Medical City Frisco was thrilled with the results and leadership was texting our founder with posts like “This is freakin’ awesome” and “Boom!” Our posts on various social network sites boasted the highest engagement rates of the year. Once the word got out among other facility leaders in the MedCity division, they were stopping by snapping pictures and sending them to their associates at their respective facilities. Immediately, we were receiving requests from other divisions to also provide them with a solution.

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Hypersign at Medical City Frisco pic

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