MeLab at the Frost Museum of Science Teaches Health and Wellness with Experiential Stations


Situated in the largest gallery of the brand-new Phillip and Patricia Frost Museum, MeLab invites visitors to discover how daily choices affect their health and wellness. Here, visitors become their own experiment across five interactive zones (Learn, Eat, Relax, Move, and Connect), exploring the amazing ways their bodies and minds come together.

Nominating Company: Potion Design, New York, New York
Venue: MeLab at the Frost Museum of Science, Miami, Florida
Project: MeLab at the Frost Museum of Science
Category: Entertainment & Recreation

Rather than taking a traditional science museum approach of merely explaining the biology of the human body, Potion wanted to explore a playful approach to science for the target audience of school children.

The Frost Museum wanted to cover a lot of content in one exhibition that doesn’t typically link together. How do you tie in teaching visitors about diseases and the importance of exercising in a unified manner? In addition, visitors no longer want to just learn about germs. They want to be hands-on and fight off a city-wide flu outbreak in a race against the clock game. They don’t just learn what a carbohydrate is. They frantically assemble three balanced meals for an athlete or their grandmother because nutrition means something different for everyone.

Potion created a high-energy, joy-filled experience that ensures children and their families are learning in unexpected ways. By utilizing technology in five different stations, we allow for experiential learning. From allowing visitors to fight disease through a city-wide outbreak to understanding germs and letting visitors boogie down on a 30-person interactive dance floor tracking the collective burning of calories, Melab is participatory learning with focus. We tied the five stations together with one final element: the “Beta” station. Beta is a buddy that visitors create upon entering the exhibit. The buddy follows the user from station to station collecting trophies and new outfits. Once the user leaves, they can check on their buddy from their own home computer as a keepsake of their personal experience.

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Before leaving, visitors can set a wellness goal to pursue at home (and inspire others). Utilizing the Beta buddy, they can revisit their goal and their time at the MeLab via a personalized web page. Since opening the exhibit in May 2017, an average of 11,000 Betas are created every month.

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