Mercy Virtual Care Center Becomes First Free-Standing Facility for Telemedicine


The Mercy Virtual Care Center is designed to tell Mercy’s extraordinary story while supporting the delivery of telehealth services. As the world’s first free-standing facility for telemedicine, guests tour the site and get a glimpse of the future of healthcare while learning about the deep history of the Sisters of Mercy.

Nominating Company: McCann Systems, Holmdel, New Jersey
Venue: Mercy Virtual Care Center, Chesterfield, Missouri
Project: Mercy Virtual Care Center
Category: Education & Healthcare

Along the Center’s tour route, digital innovations tell the narrative of the Sisters of Mercy. Guests, including donors and investors, immerse themselves in history starting at the Briefing Wall — a 46-inch micro bezel video wall with two 55-inch touch-capable portrait-mounted displays. The robust technology that feeds this presentation wall will allow for a targeted and customized introduction to the pillars that define Mercy’s brand. Importantly, this technology introduces a spirit of collaboration.

The Pioneer Wall is a contemporary translation of an anamorphic projection, a form of perspective that relies on a single viewing point. Drawing closer, the six strategically staggered 30-inch by 116-inch 4-millimeter LED columns resolve to create one continuous canvas.

On one level, the Wall is a tribute to the founding Sisters of Mercy, the pioneers of the organization. On a deeper level, it represents the condition of constantly shifting perspectives within the healthcare industry.

Mercy Virtual Care Center Becomes First Free-Standing Facility for TelemedicineCHALLENGES
The Mercy Virtual Care Center was carefully positioned to save existing woodlands while offering an amazing indoor/outdoor experience for the building’s occupants.

Floor-to-ceiling exterior glass walls allow natural light to fill the building and provide a direct view of the outside. This abundance of natural light was taken into consideration when engineering and selecting all display components.

The Virtual Care Center is a workspace that is in harmony with the site’s natural beauty as well as Mercy’s mission and values. Throughout, authentic materials such as natural stone, tile and exposed wood are used to incorporate raw outdoor elements with the sophisticated indoor technologies. Working closely with design firm Clickspring Design and architect Forum Studios, McCann Systems integrated energy efficient display and communications solutions.

The Pioneer Wall is set in an open area, brilliantly backlit by the sun streaming through the glass wall behind it. McCann Systems engineered and specified high-contrast LED for this high-profile canvas, making the historical content pop against this ambient light and the highly polished floors.

The Mercy Virtual Care Center is the world’s first free-standing facility for telemedicine. Guests and donors tour the facility, gaining insight on the groundbreaking programs that are supported through their crucial partnerships.

Prior to the completion of the Virtual Care Center, many of Mercy’s patient care programs were based in other facilities, but are now given more opportunity for collaboration and growth. This includes Mercy Virtual’s flagship product line, SafeWatch. This line of services includes the largest single-hub electronic and intensive care unit in the nation, provides on-demand telestroke evaluation and treatment in the ED, a virtual sepsis unit, and hospitalist/nursing services throughout the hospital.

Randy Moore, president of Mercy Virtual, noted that Mercy Virtual was beginning to see cost savings in such programs as SafeWatch, which reported a greater than 30 percent reduction In length of stay for patients versus national predictors.

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