Mexico’s Paseo Interlomas Project Pioneers Mall Entertainment


Paseo Interlomas Project comes from the necessity to expand the existing mall inaugurated in 2011 with the purpose of linking the user experience with the architecture and merging them through digital elements. That is the concept known as Mall Entertainment, which is essentially entertainment inside the mall. Noticeably, this is where KOLO has so much to provide as experts on digital affairs and development of digital experiences for users.

Nominating Company: Kolo DS, Mexico, CDMX, Mexico
Venue: Paseo Interlomas, Mexico, CDMX, Mexico
Project: Paseo Interlomas Project
Category: Public Spaces

GICSA, one of the most important developers in Mexico, carried out an expansion within Paseo Interlomas Shopping Center, located to the west of Mexico City. This project started in the second half of 2017, and the project was born from a very simple concept, but it was complex at the same time. The client had the vision to create a unique experience in shopping centers by combining a high-quality technological product that would coexist with the architecture of the place, seeking to generate points of reference and more traffic for the shopping center.


The challenge was to install more than 680 square meters of indoor and outdoor LED screens of different design and resolution. The first one is an elliptical screen of 250 square meters at 26 meters high, a bidirectional arch of more than 9 meters high with 108 square meters of LED screen, an external LED screen of 260 square meters with active angle and a cut diagonal on one of the faces, plus an exterior LED Totem of 63 square meters. The installation challenges had to be resolved according to the architectural design where each screen is located. Different installation forms and structures were designed for the installation.

For the elliptical screen, the 26-meter height was the major challenge where we used a pulley system to move and install each module. For the arch, the height also and the narrow space for the installation and wiring need it another pulley system and a custom content design for interaction with the bidirectional content. At the corner exterior screen, the design and construction for the structure was the solution to be able to have the millimetrical position between the modules.

The main result for the mall was a 30 percent increase in traffic. The content also had to play an important role due the organic social media traffic generated from the selfies that people frequently take on these displays.

The Paseo Interlomas Project won a DSE 2019 APEX Award in the Public Spaces category.


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