microPharmacy® Corp. Launches First In-Office System to Bring an Immersive Shopping Experience Into Cosmetic Medical Practices


Hartford, Conn., December 16, 2019 — microPharmacy Corp. announced availability of microPharmacy Touch™, the first connected promotional and interactive display. This customized platform merges in-office product dispensing with online retailing, educational videos and personalized patient engagement for plastic surgery and dermatology practices.

microPharmacy Touch creates new revenue opportunities by combining in-office marketing with cutting-edge hardware and responsive software.

President & Co-founder, Peter Kostka, explains, “Medical practices have long battled losses in revenue to major brands that offer products direct to patients on-line. We ask physicians and practice managers every day, ‘where are your product sales going?’ The answer we most often hear is that their patients are going to Amazon to repurchase products they first bought from the office.”

At almost 5 feet tall, the microPharmacy Touch has an all-in-one computer comprised of a 43-inch touchscreen, stereo speakers, camera and microphone to create a fully immersive in-office experience. Patients can interact with it the same way they use their cell phone, tablet or PC.

“Our goal is to promote Medi-Store® Online store awareness while the patient is at the office and enable them to experience it immediately,” says Mr. Kostka. Patients will be invited to register to become an online customer, actively shop for products and interact with important new marketing resources and online advertisements.

“microPharmacy Touch is the first to bring the collective benefits of promoting your customized Medi-Store Online to your patients with a beautiful piece of hardware that will command attention in any room,” offers Petr Klima, MicroRetail strategist for microPharmacy.

microPharmacy is the global leader for in-office dispensing, creating and managing retailing environments within the medical office for more than 20 years.

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