Microsoft Cube in Times Square Stands Out from Neon Clutter


Digital Kitchen (DK) developed a concept to stand out in a crowd of neon clutter in the heart of New York City. Taking full advantage of Microsoft’s massive three-sided LED Cube display, the company leveraged photo-real CG capabilities and a simple design approach to create several lighthearted animations.

Nominating Company: Digital Kitchen, Chicago, Illinois
Venue: Eleven Times Square – Microsoft, Seattle, Washington
Project: Microsoft Cube/Eleven Times Square
Category: Public Spaces

Microsoft asked DK to conceptualize and craft several 3D animations for their Sales and Technology office located at Eleven Times Square, the heart of New York City. As part of the 15-year lease agreement, Microsoft is responsible for creating and maintaining the building’s signature signage. Microsoft sought out enticing concepts that capture people’s attention, promote brand affinity and exploit the unique physical characteristics of the Cube. DK answered with close to a dozen unique animations that create a standout experience for Times Square visitors.

The greatest challenges came with conceptualizing content that would utilize the cube’s unique structure. The content had to look amazing from close up and from far away, but also from straight on and side-to-side.

Microsoft Cube tilesSOLUTIONS
We created several eye-catching animations that spoke to DK’s focus on quality craftsmanship while adhering to Microsoft’s brand. We utilized the display’s format and environment to our advantage by creating animations that look beautiful from close up and from far away, but also from straight on and side-to-side.


*Digital Kitchen and Microsoft worked as partners on this project.

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