Mirage at Metropolis Provides 3D Immersion for All Ages


Mirage was a 360-degree immersive experience inspired by Dr. Who’s Tardis. From the outside, Mirage looks like a big cube, but once you are inside it, your brain thinks that it’s a lot bigger—just like the Tardis! And with its colorful 3D graphics from geometry shapes to flowers and sunbursts, Go2 Productions knew the creative would appeal to everyone.

Nominating Company: Go2 Productions, Vancouver, BC, Canada
Venue: Mirage at Metropolis, Vancouver, BC, Canada
Project: Mirage at Metropolis
Category: Immersive Environments

The objective was to attract people to the Metropolis mall atrium with an art installation that was appropriate for all ages. It required an immersive experience that people would be excited about and would talk about on social media.

The biggest technical challenge was the placement of the ultra-short throw projectors in the room. In normal use, they sit perpendicular to a projection surface and throw an image up perfectly square that is three feet above (or below) the projector. In this case, the company needed these projectors to be as close to the ceiling as possible and to throw an image horizontally to cover the wall from floor to ceiling. This configuration was definitely not in the projectors’ manual.

Go2 Productions eventually found that the perfect angle to tip the projectors was 8 degrees. This meant that the projector positioning needed to be extremely precise, and it created a very acute trapezoid projection on the wall that became very tight on total surface coverage, but it did cover the entire wall as planned. Once we had coverage, we warped the video image to fit each wall perfectly.

Mirage at Metropolis pic

Within the first few days of opening, Mirage already had more than 1,000 people per day going through the experience. By the end of the first week, the numbers were up to 1,200 people per day, with hundreds of tweets and posts being uploaded to social media on a daily basis.

-Facebook reach: 76,657
#METMIRAGE hashtag was tweeted 3,079 times
#METMIRAGE hashtag posts received 3,124 comments and 70,736 likes on Instagram
-109 videos shared on social media

Physical Build: BOLD Event Creative

Mirage at Metropolis won a 2018 APEX Award in the Immersive Environments category.

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